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i am having a contest for the best video entry for my movie. if your video wins i will put it as the opening scene in my movie.(its not a super big deal im only 15 so dont get your hollywood hopes up) your video segment must follow this screenplay. post your finished and raw video file as a response to this disscussion. . have fun!






the weather is calm and the neighborhood apears vacant


we hear a scream abrupt from down the street


a MAN/WOMAN is running for his/her life,he/she is equiped with a small automatic weapon low on ammo,  zombies shuffle close behind her/him


we see the MAN/WOMAN's face, he/she clenches his/her teeth, lets out a yell and sprays the horde of advancing zombies felling 3 in the process


the gun runs out of ammo and makes it clear with the clicking sound of an empty clip. the MAN/WOMAN quickly looks down to inspect his/her weapon.






Suddenly a hand grabbs his/her shoulder and spins her around, the zombie bites her in the shoulder, he/she lets out a cry of pain.


the MAN/WOMAN beats down his/her attacker smashes the zombies brains in


we see that the crowed of zombies are closer than ever.


the MAN/WOMAN puts a hand over his/her wounds, blood is gushing out. he/she stumbles backwards away from the persuing zombies.


we see his/her ankle give out and the MAN/WOMAN falls to the ground. he/she is full of desperation and the fear in his/her eyes grow more and more as the zombies close in.



(horrified and desprate)

help!... nooo! get away from me!


we see the crowd of zombies surround the MAN/WOMAN, and pile up on him/her in their feeding frenzy. we hear the terrified death screams of the MAN/WOMAN being devoured alive


the veiw slowly pans outwards and moves upwards towards the sky away from the grim scene, the screams come to a halt and all is quiet.

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This sounds like a really neat scene on paper, and with about 20 people both in front of the camera as well as full cooperation from the local neighbors, town and police, it could be pulled off. However filming this scene outside of a Hollywood back lot poses a lot of challenges.
While I like the concept there’s a number of logistical problems with filming this scene. Depending on how cooperative the local police department is you would have to register the prop weapon used with them before shooting since it takes place in a residential neighborhood. It would be easier to move the scene to private land. That way you just need the landowner's permission to film there in most cases.
You can bypass all of these hassles entirely through the careful use of green screen effects, but that takes a really good and expensive (over $400 new) effects package or professional video editor (like Sony Vegas Pro) to pull off. In this case you simply film an empty street from multiple directions. You then set up a large green or blue screen on private land or even inside a large room somewhere. You then shoot the action in front of the screen and carefully line up the camera angles to match the street scenes you shot earlier. Then you composite the two scenes and it LOOKS like the action took place outside. This is a lot of work, but it looks cool and takes care of a lot of logistical headaches.
In addition, to keep from getting in trouble with the division of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms never use a real weapon, even one loaded with blanks, unless you have an off duty police officer or officer of the ATF load each weapon and certify that they are loaded with blanks before shooting your scene. It’s much easier to use an airsoft weapon with electrical tape applied to the end of the barrel just before and removed immediately after each shot. While post production CGI muzzle flashes don’t look as real as blanks it saves the filmmaker an incredible amount of legal headaches. I personally use Visionlab Studio by FXHome for this type of effect.
The final hurdle is getting together more then a handful of people together on the day of the shoot to act as the zombies. If you can get your crew people to double as zombies then its much easier to do. Just remember that while the camera person is chasing the main character someone else has to be running the camera. So plan the zombie dispatches accordingly.. with the most important crew people getting killed off early so they can get back behind the scenes where they belong.
I hope that this proves helpful. When I first started out I didn’t think about a lot of these things and I almost got into a lot of legal trouble.
For more information on low / microbudget horror film making I suggest the following two books: "The Filmmaker's Book of the Dead: How to Make Your Own Heart-Racing Horror Movie" by Danny Draven and "Splatter Flicks: How to Make Low-Budget Horror Films" by Sara Caldwell. The first book is more expensive, but in my opinion it is worth the price. Both are available at discount on Amazon.com.
I hope this has been helpful. I wish you luck in this and all of your future endeavors. Film making is a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun as well. Don’t be discouraged if at first you don’t succeed. No matter how many difficulties you run into there is nothing quite like seeing your finished product on the screen with your friends and family and having everyone love it!
thanks for the advice. ill see if i can find those books. a good one that i have read is "make your own damn movie!". and the gun issue i had thought about so we have already used air-soft guns. thanks!
I read that book, too. LLoyd Kaufman is a real pisser.


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