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any of you who play paintball know the guns can shoot incredibly fast and hard. especially the higher end ones or ones that have been modded. so i was wondering could you shoot a hard projectile out of one and use it to kill a zombie? something like a marble or maybe better yet a ball bearing as they are organized by size which will be very important. i don't think modding the gun will be necessary so long as you have the right size ammunition. to small and the co2 will flow around it making for a week shot. to big and you risk it getting stuck in the barrel causing a catastrophic failure. not as bad as if a live round went off in a real gun but enough to damage the gun and possibly harm the user. but if it does work it will be a great option. its nearly silent when compared to a real gun, can fire just as many rounds per sec as any modern machine gun. probably kill but perhaps at a little closer distance which is fine considering you don't want to waste ammo on targets that are far away and there for pose no threat. theirs no problem with over penetrating when your in the close confines of a building. ammo will be light and I'm sure heir are personal sized options for refilling the co2 cartridges. or you can fill them up at any garage that has welding equipment. and a paintball gun has far less maintenance then a real gun. only thing I'm really questioning is the strength of the barrels to handle shot after shot of heavy loads like ball bearings. so what do you guys think?

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Fuckin saweeeeet! I gotta get one of these... What was the name or what didu use as a ssearch term

i used Google and typed in arrow gun.

yeah for 2500 i know ill be making one of these and  not buying lol

here's the basic idea for you, just cut to 3.50 on the video to see the dart gun.

those Cold Steel blowguns are a monster blowgun. top of the line by far.

dear lord these guys took down a friggin buffalo with an airgun!

now THATS an air rifle to use in a z-poc! lol


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