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any of you who play paintball know the guns can shoot incredibly fast and hard. especially the higher end ones or ones that have been modded. so i was wondering could you shoot a hard projectile out of one and use it to kill a zombie? something like a marble or maybe better yet a ball bearing as they are organized by size which will be very important. i don't think modding the gun will be necessary so long as you have the right size ammunition. to small and the co2 will flow around it making for a week shot. to big and you risk it getting stuck in the barrel causing a catastrophic failure. not as bad as if a live round went off in a real gun but enough to damage the gun and possibly harm the user. but if it does work it will be a great option. its nearly silent when compared to a real gun, can fire just as many rounds per sec as any modern machine gun. probably kill but perhaps at a little closer distance which is fine considering you don't want to waste ammo on targets that are far away and there for pose no threat. theirs no problem with over penetrating when your in the close confines of a building. ammo will be light and I'm sure heir are personal sized options for refilling the co2 cartridges. or you can fill them up at any garage that has welding equipment. and a paintball gun has far less maintenance then a real gun. only thing I'm really questioning is the strength of the barrels to handle shot after shot of heavy loads like ball bearings. so what do you guys think?

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(LOL)  Get it???   B-L-O-W....(ROFLMAO)

I can't put faith in something like a paintball gun for a kill. It's just way to much that can go wrong with it. Seals, gaskets or even as Rhino says a jam. 

   I can see the paintball gun being a useful tool for marking scavenged buildings, overnight safe buildings or zombie safe areas. Or even a good tool for training young children on how to use a real gun safely. Hell, even using it to mark a trail through a zombie infested area would be a good use for a paintball gun.

   Saint, if I were you, I would have to move from a state that hender's my rights to own a gun for protection or hunting. There are always a way around certain laws if don right. Does your state have a ban on handguns only or all guns?

   I have seen where some states have a handgun ban, but they can't ban the ownership of rifles or shotguns. I'm sure your state has hunters, like all states do, so banning rifles and shotguns that are used for sport or hunting (I never consider hunting as a sport like many in America do.), can't be done. I've talked to several officers and our own senator here in TN, according to them, NO city government or state government can ban rifles or shotguns, it's against our right to bear arms. According to them, if they have ban all forms of firearms, pistols to rifles to shotguns then from what the senator told me, you have to fight for the right through the court systems. But you have to get the suit from being tried in that state. 

   Now I am going by what someone else has told me. But if you are wanting something for a kill shot, which you have the ability to make, think of using a Ramset. For those who have no clue what the hell that is, it's a tool that uses a .22 caliber blank to drive a nail into concrete. You put the .22 blank round in the chamber, close it, place a nail in the end of it and place it against the concrete. Then pressing down on the Ramset, you hit the top of it with a hammer and that sets off the .22 cartridge driving the steel rod down into the nail and driving the nail into concrete.

   There are 2 or maybe 3 versions of this. The one I was talking about for you, because you want a projectile weapon, is the Ramset pistol. You tac weld the safety back and since the pistol type Ramset has a strip of .22 blanks it uses, you should be able to take out a few ghouls. Just have to carry some 16 penny nails, just till you get the hell out of danger. Then you can find a gun. 

   Anyways, look deep within your gun laws in your state, there's something not right with the banning of guns...I can see maybe hand guns, but you have to have a way to supply your family with food during a crisis. So as for the total ban of guns in your state, I think there's something missing...

if i dont miss my guess. he told me he lived in Jersey. i mght be off on that. but if i am not. New Jersey is VERY anti-gun. and that is a gun of any kind. they just passed a butt load of new laws there that makes owning even hunting weapons a real bitch. and that is saying a mouth full being that The Peoples Republic of Cali (California for short) is supposed to be the toughest on gun laws to date. but since the passing of some of their new laws, Jersey is starting to make Cali look sick. 

Yea I'd have to fall along the lines of no way I would even consider using a paintball gun, modified or not, I'd much rather scavage up some real lead. Interesting thought though, way to think outside the box

alright alright guys i get it you don't like the idea. but when i get the money and figure out a way to do it safely I'm gonna test the hell out of this if for nothing less then my own curiosity. also it's not like the guns them selves are illegal all though many of them are. its that if you want a gun you have to have a special license to buy them. and thats the problem. do to some acts done by my family ie criminal records even i will be turned down for a fire arms purchasers license. yes they judge you based on the actions of your family it sucks. also their are some requirements i don't meet. stupid stuff that shouldn't mater but do to them. and i wish i could move out of this hell whole but my family's so much in debt we just can't do it. i might have to make do with a zip gun early on until i can find the real deal post z day. luckily i found a good manual on making them. it was written by the kkk which i don't like but it is good information. even if it did come from inbred hillbilly wanna be nazi's

That's an insult to us hillbilly's....(LOL)

   You wouldn't have that manual on your computer do you?  Would be pretty good to see the makings of a zip gun...If you have it on your computer, post it up...

   The only thing wrong with the KKK is that no one wants them, not even their own race...Hell, over half of them have ancestors who slept with half the races of people they hate...(LOL) Anyways, like Wayne said, it's a cool way of thinking outside the box...

hey i'm one too, grew up in north Carolina so i can say it. and it's up for free already on a site and you can download it too. here's the link

the easiest form of zip gun is used by scuba divers all the time. the simple bang stick. they are real easy to make. you can make them to accept any caliber of bullet or shotgun shell. the diagrams can be found online. i would post some. but i am on my tablet right now and dont have the option. but google BANG STICK diagram and you will see some awesome and simple designs.

i know what your talking about but there's no range. besides the simple 12 gauge is easy to make. i always wanted to make a double barrel one. only problem with the design in this manual is reloading's a bitch.

true. but the concept is still the same. its not hard to make a sort barrel shotgun using the basic design of the bang stick. one just needs to be creative is all.

true true.

its been found that during prison riots. inmates have used the basic design of the bang stick and added a simple pipe to guide whatever projectile or shot used. when the Attica riots were resolved. there were tons of them found in the prison yard. some of them rigged to use multiple shots like two and three small pipes like a double barrel shotgun or a shotgun with three barrels. some were made to go off all at once. some of them were made to be used individually.


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