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any of you who play paintball know the guns can shoot incredibly fast and hard. especially the higher end ones or ones that have been modded. so i was wondering could you shoot a hard projectile out of one and use it to kill a zombie? something like a marble or maybe better yet a ball bearing as they are organized by size which will be very important. i don't think modding the gun will be necessary so long as you have the right size ammunition. to small and the co2 will flow around it making for a week shot. to big and you risk it getting stuck in the barrel causing a catastrophic failure. not as bad as if a live round went off in a real gun but enough to damage the gun and possibly harm the user. but if it does work it will be a great option. its nearly silent when compared to a real gun, can fire just as many rounds per sec as any modern machine gun. probably kill but perhaps at a little closer distance which is fine considering you don't want to waste ammo on targets that are far away and there for pose no threat. theirs no problem with over penetrating when your in the close confines of a building. ammo will be light and I'm sure heir are personal sized options for refilling the co2 cartridges. or you can fill them up at any garage that has welding equipment. and a paintball gun has far less maintenance then a real gun. only thing I'm really questioning is the strength of the barrels to handle shot after shot of heavy loads like ball bearings. so what do you guys think?

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I really would not put my life in a paintball guns hands. If it doesn't hit the brain then the zombie will be stopped for a few minutes but not destroyed. I would need to see proof before i consider using one for undead killing. 

very true it does require testing. i do have an old paintball gun around. if i can get the tank refilled and get my hand on some rounds. it is worth a shot. as a comparison though I've seen a slingshot go strait through a zgb Ivan head so i think this will have the power. granted it may have been one of the most powerful hand shot slingshots in the world but it was still rubber bands.

This is going to be on one of your upcoming videos for sure! 

i would love it to be but i can't test this thing in my backyard, with my luck it would over penetrate and hit some kid. man i wish i lived in the bunnies their is a length of abandoned train track near me. i used it to shoot a video once, it's in kinda of trench but there are houses lining it. if i hide under one of the bridges maybe i can test it there.

Maybe when you get a pigs head you can test it on that... Bloody Mess! 

that would be sweet but same problem location location location, also I'll need to rig up some kinda rig so i can fire it by lanyard cause aint no way in hell I'm hand firing this thing the first couple dozen times. it scares me a little.

I understand but you have to admit you make the Wickedest videos! 

thank you : D well i love doing videos for you guys even though i haven't for a while i know. i have one on distracting zombies but just haven't found time to shoot it. all my attention is going to the con. made another new part for my zombie hunter costume will post a pic soon. its a shine protector made up of cut sections of angel iron linked together it's pretty bad ass!

In my amateur opinion, no I don't think it would create enough velocity to send anything penetrating (that's what she said), unfortunately zombie's won't feel a vicious sting hitting their skin...BUT it's always worth finding out!

i don't know man 300 feet per second and thats just the cheap ones. the really good ones can shoot up to like 500 feet per second non modded. i can see why you think it won't get the job done because paint ball's don't do anything. but they designed to do that. they weigh next to nothing and only have a thin plastic around paint. but a solid steel ball bearing ways like 100 times what a paint ball does. i could see it cracking a skull open pretty easy. hell frozen paint balls kill people all by them selves.

right but that velocity is with those weightless paintballs, when shooting something substantial and with weight, the velocity would decrease considerably, at least I would think.

thats very possible but i still believe with  in a certain distance it will be lethal especially if you target the weak spots of the human skull. i also hear that if you use nitrogen instead of co2 in the guns it makes them more powerful because nitrogen can be compressed more so you could make up for the loss in velocity. it may have enough to penetrate the skull but not exit which is good because then it will bounce around inside and tear up the brain more. I'm not saying you can snipe with this gun but you only really want to take out those zombies that pose an immediate danger so it's good for that.


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