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a simple mod to any slingshot turns it from a weapon only suitable for small game up to something that can take down a dear and maybe even the undead. by now we should all now that bows and crossbows are great weapons against the undead. vertically silent you can down a walker right smack dab in the middle of a horde with out so much as a glance towards your hiding spot. but one of the big issues that makes them impractical is the size. if your gonna carry a bow or even a crossbow its gonna be your primary weapon. but this dandy little contraption folds up to such a small size you can throw it in a cargo pocket or in a bug out bag and never feel the weight. you add in a couple of take down arrows and you got yourself one dandy of an all around hunting system that takes up the same space as a .22 pistol. all this at the low low cost of the one inch PVC and couple of tooth brushes. this is just a prototype later on I'm gonna add on some super strong bands for more power and maybe some ranger bands in place of the zip-ties so i can take the arrow rest on and off more easily. all and all this project cost me under 40 bucks and that includes nine arrows, the sling shot and the shipping. i do not take credit for the sling bow idea its been around longer then I've been alive and this arrow rest design belong to a guy on YouTube called greekgadgetguru check his videos out he makes a lot of cool stuff. and if you want one of these but don't feel like making it go over to Dave Canterbury site he sells a great sling bow product that he calls the pocket hunter. being a manufactured product its much sleeker then this design but i went with this because i like to build my own stuff. having to build it is half the fun in my opinion and i liked how this looks very post apocalyptic, mad max made it out of junk kinda thing. so what do you think. I've tried it out and it works pretty good. with no experience i was able to hit a pizza box from 20 yards almost every time. i think with some training and a little tweaking i could hit something the size of a human head with pretty good reliability.

(The updated version of my Apocalyptic sling-bow which replaces the junky zip ties with metal brackets that screw together and clamp on to the forks of the slingshot for quicker installation and removal.)

Sling-bow 2.0

Sling-bow 2.0 (2)

Sling-bow 2.0 (3)

Sling-bow 2.0 (4)

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i have ALWAYS like the idea of the sling-bow. these are something i wanted to make but NEVER found the time to. i have seen where some guys used what is called a Whisker Biscuit. but you can pay in a price range of $20 to $80 depending on the model. and after so much use. they need to be replaced.

Whisker Biscuit

the idea you have however is rather ingenious. using a piece of PVC pipe. you made a more solid frame for the tooth brush heads which can last way longer then a Whisker Biscuit. i like your style friend. smart thinking. really smart.

thanks i thought so but i cant take credit for the design. i have how ever improved on it by replacing the zip ties with metal brackets that screw together and clamp down on the forks of the sling shot. the arrow rest is then attached to them. this has several advantages over the old design. one it makes it easier to take on and off allowing me to use it more effectively as a regular slingshot. it also allows me to position the rest perfectly in line with the bands removing the displacement in the shoot caused by improper alignment seen in other models. and its just more stable allowing for better shot placement. I'll try and get some picks up today and maybe even a video of me shooting it. for further mods i plan on adding a laser sight and some heavier bands.

okay new pics are up

Your mind set for zombie preparedness is inspiring. *high five* I have to get my ass in gear! 

inspiration, just paying it forward.



i like the new design. very nice. now all you need are take down arrows  to make this complete. lol.

their on my list. : D

its cool that this is stuff you should be able to find anywhere, even after the SHTF. None of the items are high on anyone's immediate horde list

thats the point sure i could have gone out and bought Dave Canterbury's sling bow but what happens if it brakes after shtf, being able to make your own tools is so much better and more rewarding then just buying them. that why i always try and make my own when ever i can. even if it costs more to do so then to buy one. thought it usually ends up costing less too which is a bonus.

 I've seen a few different designs for this, but I can't see how deadly this would be. If anyone has more info on it, I wouldn't mind taking a look at it. It's cool ass concept...


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