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I just ordered this game. It looks pretty cool, so far I just played a solo tutorial, (it's 1-6 players, so yes there's solo missions haha)
Pretty intense rulebook though, it's alot to learn. You can also handpainted the miniatures, so that is gonna be fun and sick! There's also about 4 "episodes." This is the base game, then there's a mall and prison and I think a morgue board variation, all of which can be interchanged, making a possibly huge Zpoc world!

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looks really awesome i love board games, only problem is i dont have any friends that like to play them. this is really wicked, wish i could play.

Well they do have solo missions, but of course that would get old fast. But Yea it was pretty fun just playing the basic tutorial mission. Gonna play with the stepkids.
Since I have to upload off my phone you have to click each pic, but here are a few of my Zombicide minis after painting...mad fun.
And the kids and I have played a couple missions now, we had a blast. I wish I could find some local players...maybe I need new friends hahaha

yeah i know what you mean i'm trying to get in to d&d but have no one to play with

Used to play D&D back in the day...Been trying to find a game simular to D&D that only deals with zombie survival...But, there's no one in this bullshit town that even knows what the hell D&D even is...I was kind of hoping to find some kind of online gaming that I could team up with some people and play...But all my efforts seem to have failed in all aspects...

you know you could do a modified d&d game based wholly on zombies thats one of the best things about d&d is that you can tailor the story's and games to what ever you want. then there's 'Roll on 20' a web site all about playing d&d and other games online with people. gives a great resources for character tracking virtual game board and even voice and video chat. i was looking to it to get a game started. 

here's a taste of what a home brewed zombie campaign can look like

actually i think this might be the perfect game for us D&D Zombie fans check it out.

Found that at my new local hobby shop, and if that still doesn't tickle your fancy there are always these.

all of those are zombie board games and this is after they cut down, they use to have a whole other rack of them. i almost wept blood tears of joy.

What's the character sheets look like??  It looks more up my alley, but there's just no place here in this small redneck town or people who would play something like that...Wonder if we could do this online??  Wanna try and make a group?? I'm game...

you know i think im go back to the store and buy it. we can totally do this online check it's designed around playing D&D online. Hell yeah im interested in starting a group, wicked zombies D&D what could be better

Sounds cool as shit...Maybe we could do a special forum where it's strictly for the WickedZombies Zombie Survival role playing game...Just let me know....


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