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I just ordered this game. It looks pretty cool, so far I just played a solo tutorial, (it's 1-6 players, so yes there's solo missions haha)
Pretty intense rulebook though, it's alot to learn. You can also handpainted the miniatures, so that is gonna be fun and sick! There's also about 4 "episodes." This is the base game, then there's a mall and prison and I think a morgue board variation, all of which can be interchanged, making a possibly huge Zpoc world!

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sounds good to me ill set it up right now.

i think a group would be better for this

A group would be awesome...You could upload PDF's of pages we need to print out...Send me an invite or whatever...

   Saturday I won't be near a computer, so I will be around Sunday....

That's sounds sweet. I've never played D&D but a group Zpoc role playing game sounds awesome!

okay thats three of us guess we gotta make this a reality now.

And where is this shop? Holy crap that's alot of games

yeah i was blown away, its a shop that basically just does table top games so they have everything. not a lot of D&D but if you like war-hammer its like mecca for it.

Just let me know when you are ready to launch bro...I've actually kind of excited for this...

   I do want to see one of the character sheets...Or whatever they call them today...And need to know what kind of stuff we'll need on our end...I still have some D&D dice around here somewhere...(LOL)


Heres a pick of the character sheet its still called that im in the store right now. Im gonna buy the book if I can get a good price on it.

Where is it though? We don't have anything near like that around here.

Woodbridge mall nj

Heres a shot of the place its really cool


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