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so what kind of vehicle will you be driving around the zpoc in, and what if any modifications will you make. are you just gonna hope from abandoned car to abandoned car walking dead style. or pimp out a ride and cruse around like the road warrior.


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How To Zombie Proof Your Car!

I found this video it has some good tips...

yeah I've seen that one too some good tips.

i intend to keep mine as heavy as possible. and NOTHING says "get out of my way" like the army HUMVEE. fully armored. and in some cases, fully armed. and best of all its 4 wheel drive. that way when you run out of road. you can make your own. only way to go.

How about this one!

Pretty cool I think you might have someproblems with road clearence on that front grinder though.


i really like this one

The graphic designer said he found the concept of protection from the outside world and our attempt to cling onto some form of reality was fascinating

but where you would find a double decker bus this side of the pond i have no idea. one more reason to go to England for the zombie apocalypse i guess.

Yes this one looks good to me

yeah besides the practical aspects of it i just love the look. imagine rolling up to some in a armored double decker bus. oh many someone has to do that in a movie. i mean cockney vs zombie kinda did it but it wasn't armored. oh my god that so has to be in the second one. first scene, London street empty except for the shambling corpse of the undead. in the distance the faint sound of a motor. a zombie crossing the street stops and turns just in time to be splattered by steel plow of the bus. 

Yeah,that would be awesome to see,when the zombie splattered.:)

yeah someone really needs to make that. but as cool as this is i feel its missing somethings. side mounted flamethrowers, big spikes and a hula girl dash ornament come to mind.



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