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Would you choose to Live or Die if the end of mankind and the begining of zombies occurs?

I would chose to live, because while it may not be a good life, I'm far to scared of whats on the other side to ever contemplate death. To be more precise I am afraid of what might not be over there. I am fine with heaven or hell but the thought of simply not existing scares more then any hell ever could. I believe in a god, a supreme being that started everything. Existence would not make much sense with out one. After all first scientific rule, everything has to come from something. there for logically nothing should exist. There for something that defies logic must exist and that thing is god. Now whether or not there is some form of after life is another thing all together. I am hoping there is, praying really  but I am just not sure. So until I have to find out, I will live, I will live on as long as I can and grasp every breath until I can breath no more. In the words of Dillon Thomas "I WILL NOT GO GENTLY INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT!"  I will struggle on come hell or high zombie!


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I don't fear dying. But I don't intend to just opt out either. I will fight till there is either a come back of mankind or the stinkers eat me to the bone.
Komrad your words reign supreme.

Let fate decide, but give it a good go first, I might enjoy being in a Zombie infested world.

I say now that I would always live ..but who knows how I would feel after losing loved ones and all the stress of daily life.The thing that I reckon could drive me over the edge is the moaning .Max Brooks mentioned is as a reason for suicide in hos book.Its briefly mentioned in the Walking Dead books,though the series doesnt have that much noise from the zombies.If the zombies moan imagine having all that noise from tens of thousands of rotting hordes 24 hours a day.After a tough day foraging and surviving ,that may just be the thing that drives me over the edge after a while..

I don't think I could check out due to the same sound day in and day out. Reason being I can set a music player on repeat playing the same song day in and day out. Kinda builds up a tolerance to that kind of thing. Another form of mental toughening so to speak.

   As for the moaning, that's why Max Brooks and even other authors of zombie survival books tell you to have ear plugs or some form of sound blocking device within our B.O.B. And if you're with a group, using them to help you get a good nights sleep will make them one of the golden treasures within the Z-poc. If you're not in a group, making sure the place in which you are taking shelter in that night is secured to where you can bed down safely and using the ear plugs will give you the same result as if you were in a group. A good nights sleep...

   But no matter what, we all will fight...Those who have to take the cowards way out, because they can't face their immortality I believe they should off themselves now...Because if you screw up and miss during the Z-poc, you'll be adding to the problem for those who aren't scared.

   I know that sounds harsh, but that's the way I've always felt when I here about people committing suicide. They're cowards and shouldn't even be living...So when I hear someone, (I've had friends who have committed suicide), has killed themselves, I say good job, they've decreased the surplus population...

   Anyways, if you're going to give in just because of sounds or noises, then why prep for anything? We have constant noise of so-called progress, such as construction work, sirens of police and fire vehicles and just plain old everyday living that we deal with on a daily bases...I mean come on, you really think that moaning will keep you awake every day and all hours of the night??  I really hate to say this, but I think people are really thinking that no matter where they are, the moans of the dead are going to keep them awake or drive them crazy...I can see if you are in a large city trying to survive, but out somewhere like the backwoods of Tennessee, Kentucky and even the country or rural areas, there'll be some sounds which will alert us of approaching danger. But it won't be enough to drive you insane...

   There's no need in giving up just because you lose people, family or even friends. We do that now and there's no zombie outbreak. So what would be the difference between now and during a Z-poc? Really its nothing more but the way the ones lost were lost. 

   I know I can only speak for myself and my family that we will fight to the last bullet, the last knife, the last man and the last breath...Because no matter what, humanity must survive...It's programmed into our DNA and pounded into our brains from an early age. That is why the first thing we feel when we are in any sort of danger, is the Flight or Fight response...

You have had years to think of this scenario. 

Have your views or options changed?

   I would live till the end of me. Even after losing loved ones and going through the rage and emotions of losing them, I know they would want me to continue on till I was either used up or the dead bastards took me down...


exactly. fight till the last or until i am a stinker buffet. fight for life. fight for family. fight for all humanity. but by all means fight. otherwise all this survival prepping and knowledge for ourselves and family is totally pointless and why try at all. 

Its like the code of the pilots in the movie Red Wings...Fight to the last plane, fight to the last bullet, fight to the last man...Or something like that....(LOL)


lol. ;-) you got that right. lol

I'd try to live until it just wasn't worth it anymore


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