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Merrill David's novel "Wicked Awake," features a military veteran turned police officer facing the beginning of a zombie outbreak, one that forces him to take lives and sees him wrongly convicted of murder. As he fights to prove his innocence, the world outside the prison descends into the chaos of a zombie plague, and he ends up on a journey both exciting and horrific.


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I just recieved my copy today!☠

Thanks Vanessa! My first novel ever.. It's only been out since the end of March but It's been receiving good reviews! Working on part 2 now !!  I'm on FB and Instagram (1merrilldavid) as well if anyone cares to follow along!

You are Already working on part 2!

You are definitely keeping yourself busy.

Thanks for the update and I will post my review of WICKED AWAKE.


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recently i was asked who i was, what unit i was in.

ya know, those questions used to be easy. you wouldn't believe me if i told you, really. but let's try it....

i'm a member of a US military funded death squad. we don't have a cool, slick name or anything. our designation is rather basic when it comes down to it. there are four of us. used to be more, but hey, war is hell, right? 

who am i? hell you probably know more than i do. several months…


Posted by Priest on August 3, 2020 at 6:21pm

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