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It goes with out saying that everyone here loves zombies, but it also goes with out saying that there are as many different kind of zombies as there are zombie fans. from the classic slow moving Romero type zombies that we all grew up on. to the 28 days later zombies that brought the idea of fast infection type zombie to our attention. and many many more. now we all have are our own individual preference for zombies but what if you had you choice between two different types of zombies. which would you chose, well that's what we're here to discuss.


this week we take a step away from video games to return to the silver screen or in this case the direct to DVD screen with these little know but very good zombie movies. first up is a while new twist on cannibalism as this new york based movie shows, we all know new yorkers aren't afraid of anything let alone rats. but maybe they should be as an ever growing population of them under their feet results in what can only be called the first ever case of rat zombies in mulberry st.


the next film while it should be more well know to everyone here still doesn't enjoy the fame i feel it deserves. but unlike its counterpart here. there is no question that these are zombies in dance of the dead.


more return of the living dead then night of the dead this black comedy stars zombies bursting out into a run from their graves, driving cars, and even doing their best headless horseman routine as one walks around holding its severed head out to bite you. now these aren't the most realistic zombie depiction but its fun campy and at least you can kill them unlike in "return". oh and did i forget music makes them go docile, gotta love zombies you can stop with a bitch-en guitar rift.

but as good as that might sound you voted and chose rat zombie knowing on people faces by a small margin, so congrats mulberry street.


this is a poll i have been excited about doing since i first started this contest. it is the mac daddy of zombie world encompassing video games, movies, books and merchandising out the ass. the first name in zombie video game horror you know, it you love you wanna blow it's head off with a shotgun. Resident evil!


yes from nemesis to Jovovich zombie fans have proven they just can't get enough of this series no mater how bad the movies start sucking. this titled started as a game but has branched out into almost every media proving its power as a financial and cultural juggernaut.

what you ask could stand against such a loved and feared franchise? well it has to be another video game and though its background is humble it wonderful game play, story and mechanics have made it an instant hit with fans. thats right the new game that shows fungus isn't just in you dorm show anymore. it's on your face and it's taken over your brain and your play station in the last of us.


the game that has you looking twice at that mushroom on your plate and building flimsy weapons out of scissors and duct tape in your garage has taken the zombie lovers by storm. but can a game that features only two types of zombies stand up to the time tested behemoth that is resident evil only you can tell. cast your votes now for the battle of the new and old, David v. Goliath. where you decide the outcome.

well there you have it a battle of the brain-eaters where only one can emerge victorious. so if you had the choice of entering one these perspective worlds and doing battle with these undead foe's which one would you chose and why? next Saturday we will tally up your votes to see who is our "PICK OF THE DAMNED"! and then we'll be back with two new choices of reanimated terror.

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I would pick "special infected" from "left for dead" 

i guess that makes it 1 to 1.

Being that I like my Adrenaline rush I will go with the Dead Space zombies. "The resulting creatures are extremely aggressive, and will attack any uninfected organism on sight.The sole purpose of almost all Necromorphs is to create more bodies to infect and spread the infection." This statement sends chills up my spine and I am eager to destroy some Extraterrestrial Zombies.

you and me both bother, Ro sham bo for which one of us gets to be Isaac Clarke and who's John Carver?

I'll be John Carver if that's OK with you? 

Issac Clarke's cool with me after all


I myself would hate to face zombies from the game dead island. They're hard to kill, they always attack in packs and somr even carry weapons, or worse they are the weapons. From a toxic bomb zombie that explodes on impact to a raving screamer with blades for arms, the dead island zombies would most definitely be a big challenge to survive

good thing were not discussing them till next week, bad news is both this weeks choices share the same traits so which would you rather go up against if you had to pick between dead space and left 4 dead and only those two.

Dead space lol ive seen both movies and played the game so I think I would be bettet off against them

same here pall

i never played either of these games. but if i had to choose by description. i would have to go with the Left for Dead zombies. i like the idea of a fighting chance. something i have to totally take apart just to survive just don't cut it with me. at least with the ones that you can shoot in the head. the playing field is level. they may have the numbers. but as a living human being. we got the intelligence factor. that at times can make numbers a moot point.

I am going to have to go with left for dead because I do not want to deal with a extraterrestrial infection.


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