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What would be the governments reaction to zombies?
Would the United Nations form a coalition to end the zombie crisis?

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no. your not the only one. i think when the first uncontrollable outbreak occurs. the head honkies will go to their designated bunkers and safe houses leaving the masses to fend for themselves. as for the UN. they will do the same thing they been doing clear up till they lose control totally. and that is sit around gauging how far the other guy has his thumb up his ass and is it deeper in then his own thumb. military men and law enforcement will leave their posts and head home to their families and do their best to protect them. so there will be no real military or police presence at all. and what little there will be will be protecting the cowards in power. in the end it will be the people taking back what is lost to the zombies and looters. not the GOVERNMENT.
HONKY! HONKY! HONKY! HONKY! there! i said it some more. lol. many times. lol. and i dont think that Oprah or the President will be of much more help then the rest of the GOOBERMENT when the dead rise either. lol.
what do you mean by this? lol.
the gov only cares about control, power and money. they dont care about the military,the people or the UN. they dont take care of their SM like they should so y would soldiers come running to their rescue when they just get stomped into the ground by the hand that feeds them? they will protect their families, friends and komrads. the gov we all" know" and "love" will parish with the stenches. the weak will die and the strong will survive. he who orders the execution is never the one who drops the blade.... united the people are stronger than any outside force
that one i cant help but agree on 100%. eloquently put i might add. lol.
i saw that movie once. when i was a kid. saw half of it really. fell asleep during the last half. lol.
yup. cut some major Z's. lol. it was boring to me. lol.
thunk it would go along the line of wz, the government would put their heads up their asses.
while everyone else was fighting, they would be flying the fuck out of the country!
i say we get the chance we trip all the politicians.
they make better zombie fodder then anything else.


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