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Hi everyone, new to the sight and I'm working on getting the lay of the land. I wanted to make a post and ask what kind of zombies everyone likes to read about? 

Do you like slow moving zombies? The mindless creatures that just want to eat you, if they can catch you.

Do you like fast moving zombies? The kind of zombies that are filled with a rage that only the taste of brains can calm them?

Do you like zombies that are smart? Maybe they become smart over time. Start off as a shambler and then become a rage filled brain eater. The longer they stay alive the smarter they get.

Or do you like a mixture of both?

I tend to like different types of zombies. I kind of like a mixture to spice things up. I'm an author who likes to write both kinds of zombies. Slow. Rage filled. Smart and cunning. I think I would fear the smart ones more than the other choices. Thinking about a zombie that can think and pick up a gun and fight back, now that is scary.

I am working on a new book series called The Dead and Living. This series deals with the slow type of zombies (at least for now) and I think at some point I need to do something, but then again, it may be best to keep them slow. I kind of want this book to focus on the living. I want to show how bad humanity can be in the worst of times.

If it is allowed, maybe I will start a post in the book section and let you guys read a few chapters of The Dead and The Living. The book is out now and goes for editing later this week. I had to release it early due to a beta reader being unsavory. I may even do a drawing and give out some free eBook's.

I took two years off from writing novels (taking care of my grandmother who has passed away) and wrote a lot of short horror stories. Short stories allowed me to hone my craft a bit. I enjoy being creative.

I look forward to your feedback. I have a lot of book ideas I want to do and I kind of want to get other peoples opinions on what they like to read and see in movies too.


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First of all Best of Luck with your book & getting back into writing. When it comes to Zombies slow ones all the way. Now if you are talking about infected then I can deal with the runners.

Interesting. My book dives into the story six months into the outbreak. I have yet to say what caused it. I kind of want to make it as time goes on have runners in it. I may leave that for a different book.

Movies, I like both but prefer the 28 Day's later type of zombies. Even World War Z zombies. The show on Netflix, Black Rain (I think I have title right) those were some great zombies. Perfection.


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