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I have read a few zombie books in my time but there are so many I haven't, so what is everybody elses favorites or suggestion? I love"The Rising" (of course) by Brian Keen, "Blood Crazy" and "Stranger" by Simon Clark, "Dying To Live 1 and 2" by Kim Paffenroth, "The Monster..." series by David Wellington, "Autumn" series by David Moody, Bowie Ibarra, ZA Recht, Max Brooks, Joe Mckinney

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I finished Brian Keene's "Unhappy Endings" last night and it had some stories in it from the world of the Rising that were good. Today I started "History is Dead" edited by Kim Paffenroth, never read it before and I was able to get it from him this weekend, anybody read this collection of zombie stories?
for me it would have to be WORLD WAR Z. it puts a more human factor to the war to come and to me gives more insight as to what we as fighters will have to look forward to. not to mention the things we as survivors will have to deal with afterwards.
I finished Eden last night and well...
...It was bad eFn ass! This book was written like a season of Lost were your not sure of time frame until you grab onto certain references points that tell you. It was complicated and had me pacing back and forth for a few days thinking about the situations. A few spelling errors here and there but whatever. I have seen a few on ebay for quite cheap. This is in my top 3 zombie novels for sure. Damn I wish it wasn't over! I'm sure I am alone in this opinion but this book crushes WWZ. I have many that do actually. More that do not though.
Here is a great zombie book site i just found, Ive read most of these so if you wanna talk about any of them lets do this

I havn't read many but Reign of the Dead was very good. Its by Len Barnhart. He also wrote a sequel which I did not yet read. Its worth a look.
I have been meaning to get this book, now I have to,
it is a good read. i just finished it today. i recomend it highly.

Still have not read this book and I still really want to

i dont know if this counts as a novel but there is a new type of zombie survival guide out now. its put out by Roger Ma. its called THE ZOMBIE COMBAT MANUAL: A Guide For Fighting The Living Dead. i bought one on AMAZON.COM late saturday. i hope its as good as THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE and not a ripoff of it. either way, i will soon let you know. below is what it looks like.

i been meaning to get back to this one but just simply forgot. when it arrived. i was very impressed with it from the beginning. its not at all a rip off like i was at first thinking. IT WAS BETTER. if you combine this book with the zombie survival guide. you will have one hell of a batch of know how. so cool.

The Rising by Brian Keene is a good one, Trip Ellington's Zombie University, and The Walking Dead by Kirkman, of course.


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