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I have read a few zombie books in my time but there are so many I haven't, so what is everybody elses favorites or suggestion? I love"The Rising" (of course) by Brian Keen, "Blood Crazy" and "Stranger" by Simon Clark, "Dying To Live 1 and 2" by Kim Paffenroth, "The Monster..." series by David Wellington, "Autumn" series by David Moody, Bowie Ibarra, ZA Recht, Max Brooks, Joe Mckinney

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that is very cool! Kim will be here in Dallas next weekend, trying really hard to go meet him
Plague of the Dead 1 and 2 by ZA Recht is very good. So is Twilight of the Dead 1 and 2 by Travis Adkins. I just finished Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne and really liked it.
ya I dig the ZA Recht stuff also, his writing reminded of Scott Sigler, I was wondering about Twilight 1 and 2 and Day By Day, I think Day By Day sequel is due soon also, so now I gotta go buy these, it's hard to top The Rising for me though
"Day By Day Armageddon" by J.L. Bourne. And anything Max Brooks is awesome.
I wasnt a fan of The Rising, and don't get me started on Max Brooks. All the books I listed are due for another installment sometime this year.
gonna buy it
How did I leave out David Moody's "Hater" and Richard Laymon's "One Crazy Night"?!
"One Rainy Night" - I suck
All of them. I'll read pretty much anything about zombies. BUT you have to have an open mind when it comes to zombie fiction because of the array of sub-genres. And this comment kind of turned into a review of a lot of books...:)

Brian Keene's "The Rising" and "City of the Dead" are very good books in the supernatural vein. While his "Dead Sea" book was just as action packed, but revolved around more traditional zombies. I like all of them because he's a good action writer and there is a lot of violence and gore in each. The demon-zombie thing...still not sure about whether I like them or not. Fast zombies are cool because they're scarier than slow zombies, BUT zombies that drive and shoot machine guns is borderline goofy. "The Rising: Selected Scenes from the End of the World" was a good collection of minor characters being viscously murdered. Not a lot of story behind any one, but a lot of interaction with major characters from his first two books, so it was a good find.

Max Brooke's work is the standard of course. However, "The Zombie Survival Guide" is just an ROTC field manual with the word "zombies" added to every section. It's entertaining, but lacks depth due to the generalness of its content and is very dry. "World War Z" was really good, but should have been a third person account, not first person interviews. Each interview sounded like it was coming from the same person and too many of them dealt with little or no zombies. But I still read the book several times!

Kim Paffenroth's "Dying to Live" books are really good example of zombie apocalypse's that seem more real. The characters have a wide range of reactions to each situation instead of "Just kill it! Kill that too! And that!" The books are more philosophical and slower paced than most, but are definitely worth the purchase! A lot of interesting material, big fan of the author's other work as well, especially his book on Romero.

J.L. Bourne's "Day by Day Armageddon" was lengthy and boring in some spots, but still a lot of fun to go through. Diary style writing about a traditional apocalypse of slow stupid zombies. I liked it because it showed a different perspective other than "average joe citizen". Some people really do store a lot of food and weapons in their homes in case of emergencies. Looking forward to his next book!

There's "Cell" by Stephen King, probably the most widely sold "zombie" book out there. These zombies were less cannibalistic and aggressive than most that I prefer, they were just mindless and semi-supernatural. But Stephen King is a great writer and it was a very good book. Not as action packed and I had hoped, but still worth checking out.

David Wellington's work is all over the map in my opinion. Some of his zombie work is good and some not as much. His web serial "Plague Zone" was probably my favorite. More involved with the civilian/military interactions than zombies though, would have preferred a lot more zombies, but at some point in any book there needs to be a more proactive antagonist.

There are a lot of compilations out there as well, I recommend the ones from Permuted Press, and the Books of Flesh from Eden studios. I'm currently working my way through "The Living Dead" which has a lot of mainstream authors in it, but I'm finding it to be a lot more boring than the Permuted and Eden books.

I would personally recommend each of them to everyone who likes zombies. A lot of people don't like some because they believe in some weird "pure zombie" so something that steps outside their idea of God/virus/space/whatever type of zombie puts them off.
None of my friends like The Rising or even came close to reading City of the Dead and I do get why. I just like the concept of Ob being this bad ass bad guy.I root for the zombies in that world. I read all of Keene's stuff so the Siqquism are through out almost all it, and I enjoy the connections in his stories. I would like your opinion on "One Crazy Night" & "Blood Crazy" & "Stranger", not traditional zombies at all but I thought they were fun to read. Of course I also read all of Clark and most Laymon other stuff also so I may be biased.
Yeah, I agree there. The zombies were quite interesting, especially the animals and the babies. I liked the books a lot but few of my friends would finish them because they didn't like the demon aspect.

I haven't read any of Clark's zombie work, but I just ordered "Blood Crazy" and "Stranger" so I'll have to let you know about those in a couple weeks!
I have what must be the first one I think. Its edited by john Skipp and Craig Spector with foreword by George Romero.Came out in 1989. Been a while since i read it, but I do remember the Richard Laymon story well and now that Im typing I remember the Stephen King story was good also.


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