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What did you think about The Walking Dead episode?

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I was in complete shock I did not see that tragedy coming! 

last night was AWESOME! answered the questions as to who was feeding the rats to the walkers. who made a rat into a dissection project and nailed it to the board. and how Tyrees would react if he found out what Carol did when it came to his girlfriend. i would have NEVER figured it to be one of the girls to have been the culprit for what happened. but then again the oldest one did try to kill Judith when the chips were down. i'm not gonna go into anymore details here just in case there are some out there that didnt see the show. so i shall keep my lip zipped. so i shall just close with the show rocked it as usual and cant wait to see what the final two have in store before the season four run ends. next will come TWD withdrawal until October. that is if they run like before and return in that month. wouldnt hurt me one bit if they start again early. lol. ;-)

This episode was absolutely brilliant. I've known there was something wrong about Lizzie since the season started and this was her ultimate episode. Playing with the zombie, feeding mice to the crippled one, screaming and crying about destroying them. Both girls were excellent actors and Melissa McBride (who is very different in the comic) was tremendous. I was glad that Tyreese forgave her and that she fessed up. HOWEVER, if Lizzie hadn't gone off the deep end, I think he might have killed Carol. Some people seem to think that only the nice people will survive the apocalypse. Sadly, as Mica proved, this isn't true. I really liked her too. The big question now is: How long will Judith last? I don't see her and at least one other major character getting out of Season 4. This show is the Breaking Bad of horror tv. It simply gets better all the time.

Just another standout, nerve-wracking episode in what has been a terrific season going back to the first half with Scott Wilson's Emmy-worthy performance as Hershel. You can add Melissa McBride as Carol to that list. She was outstanding, and dealt with more emotionally stressful things in this one episode than just about any character on any other drama has to deal with for their entire series. (Not going to worry about spoilers here since if you're reading about what happened in this episode you must have watched it.) No other show on TV has the b*lls to do what Walking Dead does. Having children carry guns? One child murdering her sister? An adult putting down a perfectly healthy (physically, not mentally) child? It's insane, yet awesome.

It's also a testament to the strength of the show, and this season's half, that they can do THREE straight episodes that don't include the main character at all! Seriously, no other show on TV would even attempt to do that (unless they were forced to because of an actor's illness or something.) And the show doesn't suffer because there are so many interesting characters, separated for now, but hopefully to be reunited, which adds another compelling aspect to the show.

As for this episode, sad to see the children go. But if their demise saves someone like Beth or Carol or any other main character, that's an acceptable sacrifice. Confirming what we all suspected about Lizzie and the rats was good for those who weren't sure. Happy to see Tyrese forgive Carol in a very intense scene as he's always had a strong moral compass (except after Karen's death when he lost it for awhile), and the show needs that with Hershel gone. Looking forward to the next two episodes before the long hiatus where we can rewatch previous seasons to fill the gap. 

Seriously this was the absolute best episode ever. The range of emotions that the show portrayed was worth a nomination for all kind of awards. The Best Show on Television!

i agree. it will be a sad day in television history when they no longer make this show. and i cant help but feel that no other show will beat the records this show has made all the way around. it knows how to set you up on a high and then knock ya down begging for more.

Who knew Zombies/Horror could be full of drama and develop such deep depths of emotions and characters.


As I said on my @AceAntonioHall Twitter page, it was the most shocking and best episode of this season. I love how Robert Kirkman and the writers push the envelope. Plus, I was tired of Lizzie's crazy antics anyway, but her sister. Man, I was just starting to like her, really like her.

Without a doubt, Carol is my new favorite character! She's really become a badass, do what has to be done in an apocalypse, diva!

I kinda find her hot to. But then again I have a crush on all the women of The Walking Dead. lol. AND TO BEAT YOU TO THE PUNCH MR. JESSIE GARRET. Yes. It looks like I will be just one BIG KING WEEBLE HORNY HOUND DOG IN THE APOCALYPSE. LMAO!!! There! I beat ya shiny. LMAO!!! Now what? Lol.

Haha, you'll definitely like Under The Flesh since the women outnumber the men due to the virus in that story only infecting males LoL


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