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   I just played a couple of games last night and they are supposed to be zombie/ survival horror type games. Lets just say, that I got ingrossed in one of them so deep that I didn't know what time it was, and I was sitting in front of the living room clock.

   Amy has these people who are infected with some kind of virus, (I guess now a days that any game dealing with the transmission of a virus, is now called a zombie game), hitting this infected people with a melee weapon causes them to desintagrate into a contaminated puddle of blood and puss. I haven't made it that far in this game do to the limited time I have the next game...

   The Last of Us is one hell of a thrill ride. Yeah it starts off slow, but it's getting you to know the main characters. I fought my way through the first 15 minutes of the game and finally it started getting good. You have two types of zombie mutations, (like I said earlier, anything with a virus that turns people in to man-eating monsters is classified as a zombie game). Anyways, this game has you smuggling a little girl out of a QZ and having to met up with this group called FireFlies. They're supposed to get her to a lab out in the western region of the US. Well, Tess, Ellie and Joel finally reach there so-called meeting spot, (oh did I mention that the so-called military within the QZ is also hunting her down...Noo, sorry...), and everyone there is dead, Tess talks Joel in taking Ellie further to another FireFly rendevous point, but she won't be able to go with them.

   Anyways, the so-called zombie types within this wonderful game have 2 types so far...Clickers which are not easy to kill and use a clicking sound to locate there prey and to alert others around them to the meal they have found. Mean little bastards...Only way to kill them is a shiv to the throat or shooting them.

   The second type of inffected in which you run into are the stalkers. These things are pretty easy to kill. Especially if you can sneak up behind them, grab them and strangle them.

   As the story unfolds, you learn more about why Joel only thinks for himself and can careless about others...

   This game I will give it 10 out of 10 Zombie Skulls...Once you start the game, the world around you becomes nothing more then a blur on a radar map...

   Anyways, I'll spend a little more time playing Amy in the up coming days, as for the Last of Us: it has to go back a little later tonight. Wife and kids rented it for me thru RedBox just so I can see if I liked it...I actually love the game...Will report back soon on the continuing saga of the Zombie Gaming Fool....(LOL)

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The Last of Us is back at RedBox now, I got pretty far. I still only found that the Clickers and the Stalkers are the only zombie types in which you face through the game. Let alone the survivors living on the outside and the so-called Military. 

   Like I said, the game is excellent. 10 out of 10 skulls. I really did enjoy the game. Though I didn't get to finish the game, I had fun playing it. Even though some parts piss you off due to the way you will die no matter what you do. Well, until I was able to create some molotov cocktails. Then I was able to get through the rough spots. I did notice something about the clickers. You throw a molotov cocktail it will draw them in and those who walk within the flames will burn. 

   Plus the cool thing is Ellie cusses like a sailor and will flip some of the characters in the game off. I will tell you all this, you will laugh...

   Hey, the game was supposed to be a $30.00 dollar game you can download through the PSN store, but I found it for $2.99...I don't think it went over as good as a lot of the game designers thought it would. But I still downloaded it..Tonight I will play more of Amy and give you a little better review of this game...Though from what I have played of it, something happens which causes people to become infected with some virus...But will let you know more tomorrow...

I was reading this entire post wondering what system these games were on, and I finally saw PSN so I assume you were playing these on Playstation 3?

Sorry, I have the PS3...But they are also on the XBox 360 also...My bad...(L)

My roomates friend brought over The Last of Us last night, and you're right, it was pretty bad ass...shit played like a movie, amazing graphics, sweet dialogue, and the girl is a damn g lol...awesome looking game

I'm hoping to have the game by the end of next month. I loved the game. It was fucking awesome. I liked the twist on the whole zombie thing. They're not called zombies, which I liked, they were called infected or a better used name for them in the game, stalkers...I liked having the ability to sneak up on these things. Most games never give you that choice or if they did, it was some cheap, never worked ability...

   I got to where they met up with Bill after Tess dies...(Spoiler Alert, or was that supposed to be at the start of this sentence....LOL)...They were heading to the high school. Never made it that far because I had to return it back to RedBox...But I want the game....

   The game is really BADASS...Specially when you realize why you're smuggling Ellie out of the city...Let alone watching the story of Joel unfold...

   So was I lying how Badass the game was???  

Played more on the game AMY last night on the PS3. I ended up going to Youtube in order to get past a lot of the game. The mutations in the game are unique and original. I like the way they brought some psychic powers into the game. These powers are something of a mutation within itself. But the powers are only used by Amy, the little girl in which your character Lana is trying to protect and guide throughout this hell on earth. 

   Now from what I've played, the story has Lana and Amy traveling on a train when the facility in which you have rescued Amy from explodes. You and Amy survive the train crash into the local train station. They mention some for a breif moment about some Dr. that was treating or torturing Amy during her stay in some hospital or research center. Which the way the story unfolds, I believe I have gotten most of the story plot before the end of Chapter 1, Amy was being held in a research facility or some kind of hospital. Where this Dr. (who's name has been mentioned a few times and I can't remember), was performing experiments dealing with radiation mutation and psychic powers or as called in the game, psionic power.

   The only one who has the ability to use these powers is Amy, the little girl. 

   There is a draw back to the game, but with me this has always been a draw back, the ability to control two characters is a pain in the ass. Granted you are mostly controlling Lana, but if you don't get the commands right when having to guide Amy to do something, you will be sitting in one spot for a period of time. Plus, Amy follows you wherever you go. so try not to stop in a doorway, you'll be stuck for about 3 minutes trying to get past Amy. 

   Amy also has another power in which you benefit from throughout the game, she has the ability to heal you no matter how little or how much you the radiation effects you. The way this a happens is by holding her hand. This comes in real handy as you are infected by the radiation, you begin to transform into one of the so called monsters, but holding Amy's hand stops the effects of the radiation and heals you whenever you take damage from a monster.

   Yes, I finally got past the first boss, which I couldn't figure out how to do that, so I went to YouTube and found out that you don't face the damn thing, you sneak around the fucker. Tell you the truth, that kind of made me happy. But I still wanted to kill the damn thing...(L) 

   There are other characters you meet along the way. The first of them is Marchello. A taxi drive who was trapped into the train station when he dropped off a fare. He's a good guy, your typical, tradiational Italian. His voice is creepy as shit when he tries to help Lana look for Amy who has ran off after the train crash. When he calls for Amy, it's funny as shit, it reminds me of Hannibal calling for Clairece in Silence of the Lambs...(LOL) Or sounds like some kind of pedophile looking for his next victim...I know that's a bad compairison, but once you play the game, you'll see what I mean. It's creepy as hell...

   Anyways, the story unfolds more and more as you wonder through each chapter in the game. I'm surprised that this game went straight to the PSN store and never saw print on disc. The game is pretty unique and has a new concept in which psionic powers come to play. I've enjoyed the game. I hope others will take the time and purchase this game for their systems for $2.99...A game with a truely new and different storyline that's refreshing to even the most hardcore gamer and survival horror gamer. 

   I give this game 4 skulls out of 5 skulls. It would have gotten 5 skulls if it wasn't for the problem with Amy blocking doorways or the commands in which you use to control Amy weren't so frustrating to use...The graphics are very good and the game play is cool. The cut scenes are more of a comic book style, but it's alright, I like it...

   I recommend this game for any fan that likes a weird storyline with new and unique twists on the Horror genre...

You make Amy sound like a game for me play! Thanks!!!!!

You will like it...And hell, for $2.99 you can't beat the price....Check it out....

the last of us is awesome to bad it's only on ps3. i only play pc games, cause their the only one's i can pirate. i do have an x box though i haven't used it in forever.s till if the game was out for it i would have bought it but alas only ps3. damn what happened to multi platform games. damn you Microsoft and Sony and you stupid bidding war for our dollars. you keep the best games from us single consul users.

   Well, I think Playstation took a page from XBox because of Halo being an exclusive for just Microsoft. The only problem I see with these exclusive only games is that those on the PS3 will want games on the 360 or the Xbox 1 and visa versa with the XBox...I know what you're saying, 

   Well Playstation has already started cutting their own throat as it is...I mean I can see where you would have to download old PS1 game to the PS3, but they should have given the PS3 the ablilty to play the PS2 games...But since the PS3 doesn't play the PS2 games, they've lost a lot in profits...And now with the new PS4 getting ready to hit the market in November, they'll lose alot of players again. The new PS4 will not have the ability to play the PS3 games...So naturally you'll have to keep your PS3 and buy the PS4 in order to play the PS4 games...From what I've read, the Sony will still make PS3 games for 1 year after the PS4 comes out...But after that one year, you'll be screwed on getting any new games...But like I said, I'm not sure if or how true that will be...

   I just bought the PS3 in order to kill 3 birds with one stone...I needed a new DVD play and since the DVD is going by the way as vinyl records have, I also got it because of being a Blu-ray player and the ability to play my games...

   Plus my family has a Netflix account and with the ability to stream Netflix using the PS3 is another plus. I was about tired of watching it on the wife's computer...(LOL)

   But I will say this, if anyone does buy a PS3, let me know...I'll friend you there and maybe we can all get together and play some Call of Duty or whatever together...(LOL)  Oh and don't be scared, I talk a lot of shit on there to others...(ROFLMAO)  

i been thinking of getting a PS3. i sold all the games to my Wii station and just have the console left. but when i get the PS3. these are on my buy list for sure.

Truthfully, for anyone who likes the post apocalyptic games dealing with surviving, The Last of Us is totally new concept...Specially since you are able to craft different things. And you can't get medical supplies, so you have to craft them out of some of the things you find. Just like the scissor bat that Zombie go Boom reconstructed. The only problem they had, was in the game, the scissors broke off into the clicker or the stalker it was used on. So you still had the bat, so you can make the scissor bat again...ZGB screwed up when they made theirs, the took the handles off and in a apocalypse you won't think about taking handles off...

   Anyways, the game is totally badass. I don't recommend much, but when I do, it has to live up to my comparison to the first 4 games of the Resident Evil games...And since this one sirpasses my own expectations, I decided to recommend it to all...Hell, out of the same stuff you use to make your medical kit, you make your molotov cocktails...

   Plus you as long as collect these parts that you find all over the game, you can upgrade your weapons. So far the weapons I ended up with before taking it back were a 9 mm Pistol, a 44 mag snob nose pistol (6 shot), Shotgun, rifle and a bow and arrows...Then it was time to take it back to RedBox...

   I'll have to wait to see if the fat man in the red suit brings it to me for chirstmas...(LOL)

But once you play this game, you'll be hooked...


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