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TIME! How long do you think the war will last against the undead??

given the fact that there are a lot of places to hide for the undead, people falling prey to the zombies, and in general the hords to deal with. how long do you think a zombie war will last if one were to happen tommorow? would it be won in a matter of months or years? will we win at all? meaning will it be something that goes on forever, them killing us and us killing them? could it well go on forever as long as so much as one person is left?

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I think it depends on a lot of things. Like if you died do you automatically turn into a Zombie? Like in Romero's Zombie world, like in Land of the Dead that old man hangs himself and becomes a Zombie just because he was dead. If that's the case then we're finished. If it's more sensible like some sort of infection then I think the human race would take a massive beating but barring a giant meteorite or any other extinction level event then I know we'd bounce back eventually. Humans are amazing animals and we can adapt to pretty well any sort of social circumstance. The herd would certainly be thinned right out though but all we'd have to do is kill them all!! lol- I think yea..a good ten or twenty years and we'll have our home back but then localized outbreaks would be something I'm sure we'll have to live with forever. We'd be well equipped though as the undead would be something we would never forget...My humble opinion anyway.
a part of me leans strongly to the person changing when they die no matter what. i dont know why but it just does. i pray and hope to a smile its viral. thats way easier to handel then the other. but i learned as a kid to never ignore gut instinct so i think we should prepare for the worst and hope for the best. i just have a wondering as to the time thing is all. time is the predator that stalks us all.
you only rise again if your not shot in the head. lol.
i am inclined to think it will be an on going thing. i just feel we will get the upper hand in the end. when is the 1 million dollar answer though.
Just as long as it doesn't end up like Logan's Run we will all be ok
i never seen that one. whats it about?
logans run is a scifi movie set that everyone in the future has a gem in their hand and the color of the gem signifies (spelling) how old you are. once you reach the age of red you go to this little party called carousel which everyone thinks is a rebirthing process. logan is a cop like figure that the mother computer sends out to hunt down a type of resistance and the computer turns logans gem red so instead of carouselling he meets with the resistance and runs he ends up that there is no true resistance and that only a hand full of people ever make it outside the dome that is the only world him and all the others living in it know. and that when you carousel we are not reborn but in fact killed.
damn dude! that bites! now i see what you mean.
On a plus note logan does bring down the entire thing and shows his world the truth
FACT of the Day:
I live minutes from the water gardens where they filmed parts at the end.
cool dude. lol.

it really depends on how long the zombies can last before there decayed bodies stop allowing them to move. eventual the remaining humans will be to few and to wide spread fro the zombies to overwhelm and then its just a mater of waiting.


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