Wicked Zombies


   I am the commanding officer of a small tactical team. We named ourselves the Zombie Tactical Response Team. We were on maneuvers out in the woods near our makeshift base, when we got back, the word came over the line that an outbreak of violence had broken out in town.

   The local sheriff's office called me while we were preparing to bug-out to check on our families. He activated our group.

   Now, the Zombie Tactical Response Team was nothing more then a few of us preppers, which a couple were on the local police force, who took the responsibility of our safety in a Zombie Apocalypse into our hands and developed this team. With the help and the efforts of every member of this team, a team that totaled 5, we were able to purchase a small 5 acre lot in which we were able to build a small military style commend center and training facility. We trained every weekend for about 5 years. We were a working machine. Everyone had their jobs in the group. I was chosen leader of the group, just because of my knowledge and never quitting attitude...Which also led to the name Dragon.

   There was Duff, who could get any and everything that we needed. He was about 5' 4", brown hair, blue eyed lady's man. We of course called him Lover, it seemed he had a different girlfriend about every damn day...

   Then there was Danger. He earned his nickname honestly. That little prick was always combining and mixing shit to create explosives. He would throw something and then a loud bang would go off and a tree or something would fall or launch into the air. He had made some shit one time and it wasn't that strong, but it was enough to rattle you when he would throw the little film canisters behind you and the damn things went off..

   There was Little Jon. Now he was not even close to being little. He stood around 7 foot tall and built like a brick shit house. The biggest, baddest motherfucker I have ever seen. But when he talks, he sounds like a damn kid. It started out as a joke one day and some how it stuck. He didn't seem to mind it.

   Last but not least, there was Mozart. He was nothing like anyone I've ever seen. he could come up with the perfect song for any situation. We did a mock outbreak at out facility. Of course in the middle of the drill, he had a song playing in through the system. He's one hell of a moral couch. I had Little Jon go into a full emotional breakdown and within a couple of minutes Mozart had Little Jon raging. Mozart main job was mechanics. He could tear down a motor or a weapon have it built back in a few minutes or a couple of hours, running or working better before he got his hands on it.

   The sheriff called and activated us. Our main job was to back up the few deputies in our little town. We geared up and as we made our way back into town, we called our families. Of course the cell towers were down. We got to the station and my guys grabbed phones and tried calling their families. Mozart and Duff were able to get in touch with their folks. According to what both told me, their folks told them that this was no normal riot, it was a viral outbreak. I was unable to contact my girlfriend. As for Little Jon, he never tried to call anyone. He told me a few years back that he had no family. That the ZTRT was his only family.

   We were dispatched to the intersection of highway 641 and highway 70. We were to set up a road block next to the Marathon station. When we got there, there was nothing. Nothing but blood, body parts and a few people feeding on some of the bloody remains. instantly my mind snapped into Z-poc mode and that's when all hell broke loose.

   I radioed into the station to let them know our position was compromised and we were falling back. Suddenly from out of the radio's speakers came roaring sounds of screaming and gunshots. At that very moment I knew the police station in anyone in it was lost. With a wave of zombies surrounding us and rocking the truck, I dropped it into drive and put the gas pedal to the floor. The truck's engine roared and pushed forward. Bodies of these infected bastards fell or were pushed out of the way. We reached the edge of the large hungry crowd, Little John kicked open the back door and Danger stood in the doorway and started throwing many of his small explosive devices. Before I was able to tell them to hold on, I rammed a car. Little Jon grabbed for Danger, but wasn't fat enough. Danger fell from the truck. 

   By the time I was able to get the truck stopped, we were about a block or two away from Danger. I jumped out of the driver's seat and told Mozart to get ready to drive. I started running back towards Mozart, who was on his feet and moving as quick as he could. It looked as if the fall from the truck had screwed up his leg or his ankle. I was half way to him when from out of the car I had blasted through, a hand darts out and grabs Danger. I heard Danger scream as I saw blood erupt from his arm. Knowing that our rule was never to leave a man behind, I knew what would happen. I raised my gun and aimed it at Danger. I shot once and took out the corpse that had taken a bite out of him. I closed in when Danger hollard.

   "Stop!! Don't come any closer. Remember our rule. No mater what, we take out our own."

   "Danger, listen to me. We need you as long as you can move we can use your ass to make more of those little creations of yours."

   "Dragon, forget it. I'm done. I have enough explosives on me right now to level this entire block. Plus I've been bitten. Rule number 2, if anyone within the group or within our protection is bitten, they receive their choice of death. I've chosen my way. Get the fuck back to the truck and get the hell out of here...GO!"

   Yes we did make a list of rule to govern our compound and to safe guard ourselves and families in the time of the Z-poc.

   I stood there for a few seconds shocked, not really catching that this was all really happening.


   I heard Danger's voice scream into my ears. I snapped back from space and saw Danger pull out, something that was like brass knuckles, but I knew he was turning into a suicide bomber. As I ran towards the truck, Mozart started driving slowly away. I picked up my pace when and reached the back of the truck. Little Jon threw his hand out and I took hold. Little Jon jerked me inside the truck just as I heard Danger scream. As I turn my head to look back at Danger, a large fireball explodes. The truck has reached full speed as the fire rises into the darkening heavens.

   Mozart yells from the front of the truck, "Where in the hell is Danger?? Is he alright??"

   Little Jon looks at me, I shake my head and then turn to the front of the truck, "No, he got bitten and decided to go out his own way. Rule 2..."

   "What the hell is going on Dragon?"

   "Look, head for base."

   "What about Danger?"

   "He's gone Mozart. We have to get the hell out of this damn truck. This damn bread truck is just to fucking slow. We're dealing with the shit we've been training for. No get your head out of your ass and follow orders."

   Mozart whips the truck around the next corner. The truck lurches to the left, Little and me fall against the side of the truck. Mozart slams on the breaks.

   "What the Fuck are you doing up there?"

   "We have people up here."

   I head to the front of the truck. I look out the windshield. There in front of our ZTRT van was a small road block being guarded by a small band of people. They all raise their guns toward the truck.

   "You, in the truck. step out and place your hands on your head."

   "Dragon, I'm not sure we should do that. These people are scared shitless and they will probably most likely shoot us as soon as we get the fuck out of the truck."

   "I'm with you on that one Mozart. Can you back the truck up and get us turned side ways in the road?"

   "Yeah, I can. But they'll most like start shooting the shit out of the truck."

   "That's a chance we have to take. Little Jon, is that group of zombies still behind us or did we lose them?"

   "I don't know. There are some strays heading our way, but I can't tell if they are dead or living. Why?"

   "This is what we're going to do. This is going to be fucked up, but, we need to get back to base. We're going to turn the truck sideways, blocking the road. This will even block their view on what is coming or what we are doing. I don't think they'll let us through alive."

   Mozart starts to slowly back the truck up. And like scared little rabbits, the roadblock pussies open fired. Mozart ducked as the windows of the truck shatter from the rain of bullets from the road block. Bullets rip through the side of the truck. Little Jon is ht in the leg and Mozart dives for the floor. As he throws himself towards the back of the truck, he falls to the floor. A large pool of blood begin to form under him. Little Jon panics and grabs his Ak-47 assault rifle and kicks open the side door. 


   But it's to late. Little Jon opens fire back on the roadblock thugs and as he walks towards them, the throws one grenade as he continues to fire his rifle. The explosion from the grenade shakes the truck violently and deafens my ears. I fall to the ground covering my ears. I roll so I can see what's going on on the other side of the truck. Little Jon has really fucked up. He was able to blow a hole in those bastards defensive station, but in the process, he has called lunch for every fucking dead and infected sonuvabitch in a 30 miles radius. 

   I noticed that after the grenade, there were very little of the roadblock thugs left. A few of them took off to the hills I guess when Little Jon threw that grenade and I bet the rest were killed when it went off. But as for those still standing their ground, fighting back was something more of a joy of shooting their big gun. I rolled behind the large tires at the back of the truck. I looked down the road the way we came from before we hit the roadblock. There were a few things moving toward my position. I returned fire again and something told me to look back. I turned my head to look back and I realized I had to move quickly from where I was.

   I got to my feet, and jumped into the truck. I pulled the side door closed, ran to the front of the truck and slammed the little sliding door that connected the front of the truck to the back closed. I knew I would be trapped here for awhile, with the body of a dead friend. Through one of the side port holes, I spotted a group of about 25 or 30 of these things stopped on the side of the truck. I knew they would probably stand there till some kind of noise from the roadblock thugs or me got them back moving.

   I looked out the other port hole And several of those left in the roadblock were moving slowly, but quietly. I knew I was going to have to get them to set these things in motion. We had placed a spear gun inside the truck after we had finished the remodeling. We joked about it being a single shot weapon and whoever used it better be ready to run.

   Never thought the damn thing would come in handy. I'll have to make my shot count on this damn thing. It's not going to be easy. I have to wait for a good clear shot and try to stay quiet when I make the shot. 

   I take another look out the other port hole to see how many of those dead bastards were out there. As I peeked through the window, the group had grown. It looked a someone was putting on a free concert and everyone in town and from two cities over was there. I bet there must have been at least 100 or more now. The sea of twisted, ripped, torn clothing and flesh I was looking into was just enough to cause my stomach to try and rid itself of any food or whatever was left in it. I managed to fight the urge to puke. I had to tear my face way from the sea of horror and focus my mind on getting them to rid me of those that had killed my team.

   How stupid could I have been. The best way to make the shot was through the gun port we had placed on each side of the truck. This was just in case we were trapped inside a damn horde of the undead. But for some reason, our minds didn't work properly when we had to face the very thing in which we were training against. I grabbed the spear gun, opened the gun port slowly and looked at the roadblock thugs. There was one who was about 10 yards from the truck. He was an easy target, just because he was short, fat and wobbled as he walked around the from of the roadblock.

   I need to make sure that my shot didn't kill him, but made him scream and cause the others to open up either with voices or gun fire. I had one shot at this and if I missed, I would be trapped in here till either the roadblock thugs decided to move it or I starved. 

   Fat boy stopped in the middle of the road and started walking towards the truck. This was my chance to get this shit right. He stopped just about twelve feet from the truck. I raised the spear gun and lined up the shot. As he turned around to look back at the roadblock, I fired. The spear hit it's mark. It ripped through the man's back and lodged in the man. As close as he was, it should have ripped through him like a hot knife through butter. He turns to look at the truck and I see the spear head sticking out the front of his belly. He turns slowly back at the roadblock and that's when the screams and the voices erupted.

   I watched as three men ran towards fat boy and as he hit his knees, fat boy lets out a scream. I turned and got to the window overlooking the dead things on the other side of the truck. Many of them begin to filter to the front and rear of the truck. Of course those few were the ones that got the gun fire going. Once that started, I knew these dumb ass would try and shoot through the truck. I dropped to the floor and crunched myself into a ball between the inner rear fender wells. There was sounds of men and women screaming, moans and cries of the dead and gunfire penetrating the thin walls of the truck.

   It felt like hours, but it was a little over 20 minutes when all sounds were nothing more then silence. I knew who had won this battle. Not because of fire power, but by sheer numbers. I stayed in the fetal position for about 30 minutes after the fight was over. After awhile, I had to see. My mind wanted to see the horrible action I had perpetrated upon those just trying to protect themselves. The horror was just to much for my head to wrap around. Blood, guts, body parts and torsos being ripped apart and the dead feeding on the dead. 

   I turned away and looked out the other window. There was nothing on that side of the truck. If my team had survived, they would not have approved this, but in this situation and being in the position of leader, i had to do what I thought would be right to protect my team. To bad it had gotten my team killed.

   I had to move quickly and move quietly. I checked my tac vest and made sure every pocket and pouch was filled with magazines for my M4 tactical style .22 rifle. The only features i had placed on my rifle was the ACOG, (cross hairs), scope and a tactical light. My pistol in my tac vest was packed with a suppressor, a red lazer sight and a flashlight. I packed one of the tactical packs full with whatever was in the truck for my guns. I was weighted down something fierce.With all the ammo and a few of the extra guns we kept in the truck, that I wasn't leaving behind, I felt like a 1000 lbs water buffalo.

   I'm not sure how quiet I was going to be with me loaded down the way I was and from my calculations, I was around 10 miles from my base. So I had one hell of a walk and one hell of a load to carry. Before I put this pack on my back, I checked outside of the truck. I turned to pick up the pack when Mozart's hand grabbed my leg. 

   The grip of his dead version of Mozart was way past human strength. I pulled my hunting knife and was about to plunge the damn thing into Mozart;s head when he spoke.


   kneeling down next to him I whisper to him, "Look, you have to be quiet. We're not out of danger yet, you stubborn little fucker."

   Mozart rolls over and rubs his chest.

   "What the fuck happened?"

   "Dude, I forgot I had put on my blood pack vest. When the bullets started flying, one of them hit the auto knockout button on my vest and it put me out, making it look like I was dead. Where's Little Jon?"

   "When he saw you go down, he flipped the hell out. It was like he was Rambo and Hercules rolled into one. He killed a lot of those bastards in the roadblock. But it was short lived. He went down. We're still stuck in the truck, but the roadblock thugs are no more."

   "You're plan worked then I take it?"

   "Yeah it worked. Worked to well. I didn't know they had women and kids on the other side of the road block. I heard screaming women and children when those walking corpses took the bait. But I can't help that now. It was a shame it  had to come to that, but the situation is now do or die. I made a decision and now I have to live with it."

   "Dude, if they would have waited and let us turn around, maybe they would be alive now. But they open fired on us first. So by all rights, every member in that group deserved what they got. Hell, I saw three boys, probably about 12 or 13, up on that stack of overturned cars shooting at us. So they had everyone on the front line fighting the living and the dead. So don't let your maneuver weigh you down. you're still leading this fucking squad and we have to get the fuck out of here."

   "I'm working on that right now. How about you switch out tac vests and load up on gear. I might have an idea to lure those dead fuckers off the opposite direction in which we need to head."

   "Well clear your head and work it out. I'll load up and be ready to go in 5."

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Just a story i'm working on now. Finished one and have started another. So now what do you think of the start of my second short story....

i like it. cant wait to read more.

The Zombie Tactical Response Team is ready and willing kill! I am Looking forward to reading the next part of your Zombie story. You have a vivid imagination and keep us wanting more! 

Thanks...I like the pic. Hope you don't mind if I use it...(LOL)

   Will be posting more of the story later tomorrow morning...Have to go have breakfast with my in-laws as they pass through. They just closed on a house in N. Carolina and they are heading back to Texas. Well they are driving right by us, sort of, (LOL). They called wanting us to have breakfast with them in the morning.


well fuzzy. where's the next one? oh shit! forgot. no fuzz on top. lol. well little weeble? where is it. the next chapter. not your little weeble that is. thought i would clarify. LMAO!!! do i get my shout now? LMAO!!!!

LMAO!!!! guess you read this because i saw the shout. lol

Hey, I'll post more of the story tomorrow sometime. I kind of lost where I was going to take this thing...But that's how I write...(LOL) If I ever have to stop, I get lost or forget where in the hell I'm wanting to take the story....

   I've got a few things I have to finish up in the morning and i'll get back to work on this...

sweet! cant wait.

This is a action packed start to your story, the zombies are relentless.  

   Mozart took no time in gearing up. But as for me and working out my brilliant plan, it wasn't going to work. The plan was to distract those flesh eating motherfuckers and cause them to move from their present position so we could make our way out of the truck and into the woods. But it wouldn't work without something being fired from the truck. Most of the shit within the truck was shit. Just things we thought would help and now in a bind, it was nothing close to what we needed.

   "I got it. We take the four smoke and tear gas grenades and we fire them over to the roadblock. I'm not sure if the tear gas grenades will have any effect, but they'll smoke just as good as a smoke grenade. This should give us enough time for us to make those trees in front of our truck. But here's the catch. We need to wait till right at sundown. This will optimize our chances of getting the hell out of here."

   "Sounds like a damn plan to me. Hell it'll be sundown in a couple of hours, so this will allow us to get some sleep and rest up. We still have around 8 miles till we reach Haven. So having this time to rest for a few hours and maybe even getting something in my belly will help."

   I ended up taking first watch. We had about three hours before we set our plan into action. Mozart slept for about and hour and a half before I woke him. He was upset that I didn't wake him sooner. I told him is I slept past an hour that I would whoop his ass then feed him to the corpses outside. We both giggled. Not because it wasn't funny, but we couldn't laugh loud, not with those things outside, that could turn and attack the truck...

   So we both ate something and I laid my head down on my pack. It didn't take long and I was out. My dreams were filled with the faces in which I had sent to their hell for attacking my group. The screams of the women and children haunting my ears, the faces of fear and disillusioned belief of someone using that horrible thing in which we trained to fight against the living. The body parts littered the ground, the blood flowing like a waterfall over the junked cars and trucks. As I look towards the top of the bloodfall, there was a man standing. A single man with gun in one hand and a sword in the other. As I climbed to see who this man was, the wreckage grew. The higher I climbed, the taller the roadblock grew. 

   As I reached a truck bed sticking out from the rubble, I pulled myself up on it and rolled to my back. Resting for a minute. As I stood to my feet, the back window of the truck shattered. Hands flew out instantly and then faces of my dead team members begin to claw their way towards me. As their bodies fell from the opening, I stepped back again, reaching the end of the bed and standing on the tailgate. The faces and their hands stretch out to me. With their hands mere inches from grabbing me, the tailgate buckles and I begin to fall.

   I sit straight up and Mozart covers my mouth. My scream muffled and turned to a mere whimper. Mozart shakes his head and whispers.

   "Bad dreams? I know the feeling. I have had them since we returned from that hellish fight in Nashville three years ago. You remember?"

   "Yeah I remember."

   "Well, just remember this, we do what we have to do to survive. Specially in this shit hole."

   "What time is it?"

   "It's almost sundown. We have about 30 or 20 minutes before the sun is in transition between sun and darkness."

   "I'm thinking their eye sight isn't as good as ours at that time of day. Something like the movie Reign of Fire. Where at sundown the Dragon's eye sight is almost worthless. I'm trying out a theory here. If I'm correct, we'll be able to create a blind that they won't be able to see through. They might hear us, but the confusion in which their sense will be in, that might give us the upper hand."

   "Sounds better then anything I could come up with. I would have said we fight our way through. But here's the problem. How do we launch or throw the tear gas and smoke grenades?"

   "I wasn't sure, but I think we can use the spear gun. Or at least the band that propels the spear. Basically a sling shot. We use the gun port as our barrel sort of and shrink the bands down. It'll be a two man job. One will pull the pin, while the other will fire it. We need to make sure we use the tear gas first. Then we use the smoke bombs. This way if the tear gas effects them, we can save the smoke grenades and use them as we make our escape. We need to make sure all the tear gas canisters make it to the roadblock."

   "You pull the pin and I'll fire. I used to be pretty good at sling shots when I was a kid. Never thought that my childhood would come back and haunt me."

   "Lets get set up, but be quiet."

   It didn't take us long to set up. We tied a knot  in the band to make it shorter. I stood on the left of Mozart and handed him the first of 6 tear gas canisters. He set his aim, I pulled the pin and he fired. We did this routine five more times. The canisters popped and the tear gas started flooding out. The reddish smoke of the tear gas really began rolling when the damn things top blew off. Yes they were old tear gas canisters. Yes we weren't sure if they would even work. But why not give it try. Hell we had nothing to lose at this point in time.

   The tear gas canisters were under a lot more pressure then regular tear gas canisters. I shook the shit out of them, hoping it would increase the pressure inside the can. Well, I'm not sure if the tops blew off because of my shaking them or because they were just to old to contain the pressure. But either way, the sudden pop and the rush of the tear gas seemed to cause enough confusion for the undead that we may not need to use the year old smoke grenades.

   Mozart and I threw open the door leading to the front of the truck and we crawled out the front windshield. We did knife a couple of strays that were in our way, but either my trick or theory worked. We lobbed a couple of smoke bombs into the woods and along the roadside in which we were moving. I was actually able to find that world war two hand grenade a friend gave to me and I threw that motherfucker with everything I had to the other side of the road. When it went off, you should have heard all the damn screaming coming from the dead. It was worse then being in the middle of a monkey cage and the little bastards going ape shit. 

   We actually ran into 3 of those flesh eaters on our side of the road. With it still being around dusk, they weren't able to really lock on to our position, but they could move towards the sounds. Mozart took his Ipod and dropped it on a rock and it was like a moth to a flame. The three  dead fucks made their way to the Ipod. We kept moving. It was damn near 3 miles before we slowed to s stop and made sure we weren't being followed.

   "Take 10 and we'll get another start at it."

   Mozart looked at me and before he could say anything, a crawler grabbed his leg pulling him to the ground. Without thinking, I pulled my machete and with the lunging and the swing of my arm, the machete does a clean cut within one shot. Mozart pulls his leg away and quickly begins pulling the fingers off. The crawler pulled itself out from under the bush in which it was hiding. Before I could stop him, Mozart started pulling his pistol.

   At that moment I could see a major ground of over a thousand of these dead fucks coming at us. The ground and the faces of these dead things meeting as they are dropped. Guns finally running out of ammo and we resort to using our machetes. Heads flying, us moving and ducking these boney ass fingers grabbing us and pulling us to ground where we become the feast for the dead.

   When I didn't heard the gun shot, I turned to look. Mozart was boot stomping the shit out of this crawler. His gun still in his hand. Mozart finally fell to the ground. Out of breath and his legs burning, the slowly makes his way to a rock near by.

   "Looks like we have about 10 extra minutes we'll have to wait. That just wore me the hell out."

   "Yeah looks like it. Looks like it scared the shit out of you too."

   "I all most pissed my pants because of it. But I'll be good and ready to in 5."

and here i thought you forgot us. lol. like it. keep em coming.

   We rested for about twenty minutes. We made sure we stayed alert during the entire time. Nothing was heard. We put our packs back on and started again, with our machetes out and ready to swing, we made our way through the woods till we reach a large creek. The problem wasn't that its wide or that it was deep. The problem was that crossing this thing would leave us exposed to whatever decided to attack us.

   The creek was almost wide enough to be called a river, our feet up to our knees would be getting wet from the depth of the creek. 

   "Dragon, wait a second."

   "What's up Mozart?'


   As I looked upstream, I saw something floating down the stream. I first thought it was boat or something like a raft coming towards us. As the object go closer, I saw more of the dark shadows behind it. 

   "We've got to move. I don't know what the fuck that is, but we have to get the hell across before that shit gets here. Mozart lets go."

   I start running through the water. It was one hell of a workout, if I was working out. Mozart was right behind me. We fought against the water as we made our way across. I looked to my right and watched the shadows come towards us as we made our way from the middle of the creek to the bank on the other side. The bank was nothing more then a small landing just above the water. The rest of it looked like a river bank that was cut from the flood a few years ago. A tree at the edge of the cut-out had fallen and we used it to climb the 5 foot dirt and clay wall stopping our progress.

   We reached the top and turned to view what was coming on the water. It was something right out of a Stephen King novel. Hell, it could have been one of Wes Craven's nightmares as for the horror that fell upon our eyes. It was the worse thing I had ever seen. Men, women, children, animals floating on the tops of the used to be crystal clear water. 



   I knew they would do that. Those bastards in the green. They lured tons of people to the bridge leading to New Johnsonville. Once the people got there, they used them as bait for the dead and then blew the fucking bridge once the dead had arrived. Those worthless, uncaring, cock sucking, ass fucking sonuvabitches...They thought that using that bridge as a bait trap would work in stopping the spread of this bullshit. Only problem is, that the commanding officer of the National Guard here was a cruel fucker. I will bet my life on it that he told people to head to the bridge, there was safety and food. But when the people got there, he left the gates on the other side open and let the dead pile up on the huge ass buffet he created. Once he though he had all the undead fucks, he blew the bridge."

   "How in the hell do you know that?"

   "Dude, I actually came up with the plan."


   "It was a contingency plan. It would have about 20 to 30 soldiers on the bridge as bait. They would all repel down to a boat waiting for them as a enormous horde descends upon them. Before the dead get  close enough grab them they would repel down into the boat and speed off. That's when I would blow the bridge. That's how I planned out. But it looks as though he used civilians as bait and never even tried to help them. I get one clean shot at him, he'll become part of the dead ranks. That way I get the pleasure of killing him a second time."

   "Dragon, there's nothing you can do right now. We need to get to our base. We got little over 2 miles left. We should be there within the hour."

   I took my last look at the carnage. I turned and nodded towards Mozart. We decided to double time our speed. This would put us at the front gate of our encampment around 10 o'clock tonight. We didn't even get two hundred yards when we came across a small group of five or maybe six people bedding down for the night. We stayed in the shadows, me moved slowly around the camp and watched those within it. Three women and what looked like two or three kids were warming near a small fire. The women looked to be in a state of shock or even confusion.

   Knowing that Mozart could put these people at ease, so I motioned for him to make contact. He shook his head no and pointed to me. With me being the leader of our now two man group, it was now my responsibility to contact. So I did what I had to do.

   As the kiddie shadows laid close to the women, I made my approach. Of course I scared the shit out of them. Coming from the shadows.

   "We have kids here. Please, just leave us alone...."

   I raised my hand and put a finger to my lips. The brunette stood with a knife out in front of her.

   "Look, we don't have time for this. You have two choices. One, you come with me and my partner where you'll be safe. Two, you stay on the run and risk the lives of those kids and your own."

   "Who the hell are you?"

   "I work with a special unit called the Zombie Tactical Response Team. My code name is Dragon, I was the leader of a five man squad. But our numbers were dropped during the onslaught."

   I waved my hand and Mozart came in from the shadows.

   "This is Mozart. We are making our way back to our encampment. We have food, water, shelter and protection. We will guide you and your group to our camp. There you'll be safe. No one will harm you or the children while you are in our care. If there was ever a time to trust someone, it's now. You can't trust the military."

   The brunette lowers the knife as she starred at us.

   "We know. We barely made it off that bridge before they blew it up. We are the only survivors from the New Johnsonville Bridge. The military had the far end blocked. They weren't letting no one through their barricade. When I saw those things coming from behind, we got out of our car and made it to the catwalk just below the bridge. The one where the railroad monitors its trains. Anyways, we made to the switching station. That's when Riley here spotted blinking lights under the bridge itself. My husband used to do demolition, so when I looked up and saw all the little red blinking lights, I knew immediately what they had plan. We hijacked one of those motorized rail cars they use and made it about six miles from here. We kept end up crashing into a fallen tree and we made our way here."

   "I know you've been through a lot, but I don't want to rush you or your group, but we need to move. That fire will bring those things. We need to move."

   Just as the women and kids were grabbing what they could carry, three of the walkers stumbled into the campsite. 

   "Mozart, get them back to camp, I got this."

   before Mozart knew what was happening, I grabbed a log from the fire and smashed it into one of the walker's head. It fell to the ground. The other two turned towards me and began making their way in my direction. The one I had knocked to the ground was trying to get up. I grabbed it by the shirt and pulled with everything I had and as my arm reached full swing, I pushed and that piece of shit stumbled and fell into the fire. It was like nothing I've seen before. It literally felt no pain. It didn't even try to move fast to get off the fire. As it stood, i looked at the other two and saw the head of one of the two explode. The fragments of it's skull and tissue scatter across the ground. The burning man got to his feet and started coming towards me. I knew I was in some trouble, but I had to keep my head.

   I slashed at the burning man and as the black ooze erupted from the wound, it burned. It hit me quick, I kicked the thing and it fell back into the fire and I heard a loud hiss. A hiss that sort of reminded me of a tea kettle, but a tea kettle with gas in it. I turned and ran. I only got a few yards from camp when I turned around to look. The last zombie fucker was in between me and the camp. Just as his golden teeth appeared in the moonlight, the Burning man exploded. I hit the dirt, just in case. I felt something grab my pack.

   I rolled and swung my machete at the same time. The blade embedded itself into flesh. I was able to get my eyes straight from rolling so fast. As I focused on my adversary and where I had hit the damn thing, I saw I had damn near taken of its head. Gold teeth rocked side to side with my blade only an inch from exiting his throat. I didn't want to pull the blade from it's target, it was the only thing keeping it's golden, blood stained teeth from munching on me. As he started to sway to the right again, I rolled with the motion. This move put me on top of this freak and that's when I pushed hard and to the left on the machete. A crack and then a swish was heard as the blade severed the spinal cord and finished cutting through the rest of it's neck.

   I stood up and staggered to a rock that was only two feet away. I pulled out a smoke and lit it. I inhaled deeply and let it out slowly. I looked back and the eyes of golden teeth man had turned from solid black to a bright white. The head or mouth never moved.

   "Severing the spinal column or killing the brain is the only way to kill these fuckers. Unless you can cut them open and set them on fire. That black ooze must be some kind of waste product which whatever has caused this produces within the victim's body. Maybe we can use this to our advantage. Talking to myself isn't healthy according to my old shrink."

   I finished my cigarette and started walking towards my base of operations. It wasn't long before I found myself standing in front of our main gate. Mozart came out and greeted me. We walked inside.

   "Look, we have something we can exploit on these fuckers. Their blood is flameable. So this is one weakness in which you should be able to capitalize on. Severing the spinal column and destroying the brain is another way to kill these fuckers. Which we already knew that. But the ooze or blood inside these things is unreal. It's like they're filled with some bi-product of fuel. Like whatever has caused this has no way of shedding the waste that it creates within these monsters. So we may have a way to fight larger groups of these things..."

   "Look, enough of that for now. We need rest and some food. The women and children have been taken to the hole."

   "What the hell did you put them in the hole for?"

   "The brunette was bitten and so was one of the kids. I put the brunette and the kid into the same room. This should keep them safe and us too. The others were placed in there for containment. This will give use some time to make sure none of them are bitten. Don't worry, I explained it all to them and they seemed to be cool with it for now."


   All the while we were talking, I didn't even notice he was walking me to the quarantine bunker. When I looked up and noticed where we were, I turned to look at Mozart. He wasn't sure on what to do at that moment. He walked over and opened the door. As i started to walk in, he put his hand on my shoulder. That's when I knew I had to make a move. I reach up, grab his arm from my shoulder and spin around, throwing him off guard and off balance. As the momentum carried us in a circle, I was able to move and he landed on the floor in the quarantine ward. I kick the door shut and quickly locked it behind him.

   "What the hell Mozart?"

   "Rule 1, all members of ZTRT after any mission must stay one night within the quarantine area."

   "Well that means you too asshole."

   "Well, then Rule 1. a. states that: If all members except two are dead, then a strip search of both members must be completed, where for there are members of ZTRT on patrol and in command at all times."

   "Damn it Mozart. Is there anything you don't remember you photographic memory prick?"

   "Actually, I don't think so. But we can figure that out later. So do we follow our own rules or what?"

   "This is going to be so fucking gay. I swear I wasn't thinking when we added that damn amendment to that fucking rule."

   "Actually we added that while you were working on the status of the group. Where we would be something like the Zombie SWAT team for the police."

   "All of you are assholes...So how do we do this? One at a time or both at the same time? Y'all made the rule, now lets see how you're going to handle it."

   "Actually I was going to go get the redhead from the hole, she's a nurse, she'll know what to be looking for. So we strip and do the military shit of processing..."

   We both laughed and I unlocked the door. He goes and gets the redhead from the hole. We all three go into the quarantine bunker. This place has 5 sets of bunk beds, 5 shower stalls, 5 toilet areas and 5 sinks. The only luxury here within the quarantine area is a 32 inch flat screen TV. The only channel that this TV has on it is the zombie survival training video that the ZTRT group put together. So needless to say, that part will change quickly...

   As we stripped, the redheaded nurse giggles. I turn to see what in the world she was giggling about and that's when I saw it. Mozart's Tweety bird tattoo on his left ass cheek. 

   "I thought I saw a puddy dat...I did, I did...I saw a Puddy Dat!!!"

   Mozart shot me a look of shame. Then he did his best impression of Sylvester the puddy cat...I lost it. I laughed my ass off. Well, actually I laughed my pants off. It took ten minutes to do this damn inspection bullshit. At one point in time, I thought she was going to grab my balls and tell me to turn my had and cough. But it didn't happen. We dressed and we got the clean bill of health. We took the four of the six and placed them in the quarantine area. The hole was for those who were bit or infected, not those who weren't.

   We cooked some food in our bunker kitchen and served our guests. I went to take the plates of food to our infected guess when the smell hit me like a sack of bricks falling off an eight foot stand. It was intense. The smell of rotting flesh, dried blood and decaying chunks of human muscle. I knew we were safe, but I still signaled Mozart.

   "The smell has arrived bro. I'm still out here and will finish delivery in 3 minutes. We need to lay low my friend."

   "Dragon, I'm in the communication room, so once you're done, meet me here."

   "Roger that."


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