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This game is easy, just like the Tag game we have here, we are going to try this new game,


   The Story Game: It's as simple as Tag. We ill start a story with two sentences and then someone will add two more sentences and the next person two more sentences and so on and so further...

   Only rule for this game is a minimum of two sentences per entry and no more then a paragraph (consisting of 5 sentences) per entry...

I guess I'll start...

   It's Hell on earth since the End of Times hit our world. The entire world's reality has been turned into the hellish world in which nightmares have become the new reality.

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"Actually, we don't need the yellow pages. It's not like we don't know that the damn military surplus store is around the corner."

   He chuckles a little.

   "But getting there is going to be the hard part. If we take the streets we're dead, that leaves us with flying or goin underground. And I would sure hate to be trapped underground surrounded by these dead heads."

"How about trying to make it to the roof tops?"
If we can make it safely to the top we are golden.
That means we will have to fight our way up the building and then down. I know that the sewer drains would lead us from basement to basement. We just have to map our way there. It is all up to you...

Is there anyway those undead fucks could be wandering down there just waiting for us?

With that question burning in his head, could there be zombies in the basement? What if there were a group of zombies just lying in wait for them down there. 

   "Lets search the bar one more time for weapons, there has to be a club or something here we can use."

One more clean sweep would do we can surely find a weapon in this dump.

   "Well, we found a sawed off shotgun with only six shells, the fat end of a pool stick and two small knives. I swear, if people would set themselves up for any disaster, everyone caught away from home might stand a chance. So to recap, we have a scatter gun, a club and two knives that might cut hot butter. Hate to say it, but we are going to die."

"I really need to stop being so negative and focus on the bright side! It is a whole lot better to be looking down at the grass. Now let's get this party started, locked and loaded! "

It has been a while and all has  gone quiet. The undead are running rampant in the streets. I fear for the worst. Is anyone out there?

Most people have went quite due to the raiders that have been plaguing the area...So finding others will be hard...

I have been looking for food & supplies. 

I am not sure what is left out here.


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