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A House, Mall, Apartment Building, Walmart,Hotel... What do you think?

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i might go along with the military base. they would definatly be big enough to hold us all and survivors to but the thing about taking one of those is this.

1. they are easier to take when empty or evacuated
2. if we are near to them to begin with

but fist things first. we need to all link up to begin with. so the best place to do that and hole up to would be an apartment building. they can be sealed up fast and easy. they will have sleeping quarters for those who come to link up. most will have food and water in them already as well. and we can always store up water so we will be ready for when the power is cut. so i would say the apartment first, then the military base.
I have to agree with you a military base would be my first option.
malls may have all the "goodies" but unless everyone works together, they can be hard to secure. not to mention that most everyone will head there. then all the "goodies" are gone and the place could be surrounded by undead.
gotta stay mobile...ya just do not want to be swarmed by dead heads
I would not like having my back to a wall, but I would say the military base near my house. But thered be enough vehicles for me and whatever survivors I'm with to escape need be. Staying mobile would be nice, but it's way too risky.
The best place to be during an outbreak is at a high elevation where humans don't usually live. Cold mountain regions are the best places to be because they provide the living with refuge and a relatively regular lifestyle.
definitely Costco, the one near me has very few entrances and exits (in the front and back) no windows, they have a bunch of food, especially dry food, so eat the fresh stuff first and dry food later. the roof can be used if the rare chance that zombies get in. they have some power tool so grab what ever you can and make a weapon, sharpen knives etc.. if theres a truck you can load it up with a bunch of stuff, make it into a mobile home. throw a bike in there just in case you run out of gas. bikes pretty fast don't require much maintenance, are durable don't require gas, good enough until you find something else to use

military base sounds like a good idea but military people are ass holes and they would not care for you, they wouldn't risk it and allow regular people in, they would be selfish and just shoot you on sight thinking you are a zombie or possibly infected.
The countryside. I already live there, have lots of food in the pantry, and with a low density population there wouldn't be a lot of zombies wandering around.

Military bases, malls, super centers, and churches would be the first thing almost everyone would think of, so it'd be overrun by the living well before the dead got there. A large grocery/super store would be a good idea IF it hasn't already sold every bit of food and weapons ahead of time based on media panic.

Have a good location first, have a solid, defensible fence around the area, and know how to survive on your own.

However, if the End came about as a mass catastrophic killing (say a sudden mortality rate of 99%) followed by a rising, and I were still around, I'd probably fortify a large super center.
walmarts are good if you get there first. as it is, everybody and his sister's cousin's brother is gonna have the same idea to which will make them a death trap. walmart as a stronhold is a bad idea in the history of bad ideas bro.
the island idea is nice. but you will need to patrol the shores for the zombies. reason being is the undead dont need air to breath. so crossing under water, even under a 50 mile distance in all directions, is no major feet for them.
Ive got two words. Oil Rig


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