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Dawn of The Dead is now playing on SYFI

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i tried to watch it. but it was to chopped up by the censoring for my taste. so i popped in the DVD of it instead.

SIFI has always had a problem with cutting and editing films for viewing on there channel. Most of the time they cut the good parts out because they have to make time for their so called SIFI originals. That's why when a good movie comes on SIFI that I have on DVD, I pop the DVD in instead.

I've seen a lot of the SIFI originals they have created and most of them fail, not in the view of scaring someone, but whoever their directors are fail to bring the film to life. Now i will admit there were a few that surprised the hell out of me, because they were thought out, planned properly and the editing company actually did a very good job. But most of the SYFY originals usually are stolen ideas from major motion pictures that are coming out in theaters. That's on of the reason I don't watch the SYFY channel that much. 

Now when they advertise that they are playing Steve Nile's Remains, I will watch it. I actually like the fact that the zombies towards the end begin feeding on the weaker zombies because food is getting very limited. Now that I could see.

Let alone the chick with the red cowboy boots keeps my pants twitching until the end of the movie...(ROFLMAO)

i liked Steve Nile's Remains as well. it sorta put a wild card about what a zombie would do if the food became scarce. ANSWER: EAT THEIR OWN. and why not? they are us just working on a lesser level. and human beings have been known to cannibalize their own. Donner Pass is a great example of that. and the evolving or stronger zombies. that was a nice touch to. sorta goes with a theory of mine about zombies and the potential learning curve that can happen. i mean if an animal like a chimpanzee can use tools and learn sign language, why not a zombie eventually learn how to hunt us and use tools? look at the end of Remains. the babe in red came back and was still using the shotgun like a pro. lol.


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