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So I was wondering what DO YOU nice people out there think I should add to my new survival Pantry? Take in mind I am not looking for MRE's or stuff like that. I know they are great but they are far to expensive. What I want for you are suggestions I can buy from my local grocery store. The cheaper the better : D. Also know that I have a four people to feed including myself, THANK YOU and I look forward to your suggestions.

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what will help is if you take the time to vacuum seal things like sugar, flour, salt, rice or anything made of grain. reason being there is a bug called a weevil. its been my experience that they can get into most anything that is not vacuum sealed. when they get in. they will ruin any stored food made from grain or grain product.


Food Saver vacuum sealer for food



weevil bug

FUCK YOU WEEVIL YOU LITTLE FUCKING FOOD KILLER... sorry i know wrong discussion but you all know you wanted to say it too
I have seen these bugs in rice and they are nasty fuckers!
i have seen them in products stored in topper ware before and that shit is the next best thing to a vacuum seal.
But Vacuum packing is a great idea you can also do it for your clothing if you get those huge ass bags from Walgreens that you seal up with your home vaccum. not only will it mean you'll have dry clothes but they will take up far less room. but this is about other items not clothing... so besides can goods like soups, chili, spam and so on, and taking in to count what the good komrad rhino added the only thing i can think of off the top of my head would be super glue (unopened or maybe some E6000 that crap will seal anything up from a bullet hole in your truck to a bullet hole in your shoulder untill it can get looked at)
cheers to the drinks!!!! Im right with you on female breeders "aall riight" lol

The bags you are referring to Komrad Kolossus is the SPACEBAGS. I use them myself for when I go on long trips or if I am gonna use them for clothing in my B.O.B. for more room for more goodies. They are awesome!

ramen noodles and beef jerky, just make sure you have plenty of water to counter the insane sodium intake, l currently make protein shakes with the whey protein powder...36g per scoop!!!!!
Ramen noodles are great because they have a long shelf life.
yup trying too lol, packin on the protein and calories plus working out, been hitting it hard for about 3 months now, lve slacked off a little this past month but lm trying to pick it back up!! My shoulders and chest have seen the biggest increase...


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