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Ok, so we got the items and weapons to be ready for zombies but do we are fit enough for them? we don't know if we are going to face running zombies or slow zombies. What good work outs would be great to fight off zombies. Also what part of the body work out more? one last thing there is more then just running, you are not going to running all the time. Fight for once.


Lord Hellfire,

leader of the Dead Leaf Army

"First to Fight,Last to Die" 

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yeah working out would be a great thing to start ...... but honestly I only have to out run the person next to me not the zombie who will stop to eat said person
I for one believe in flight so I'm gonna just stick with what I do best running I run 5-6 times a week year round I can run at a 8 minute mile pace forever (figure of speach) anyway I usually go for hills you sprint up and then you sprint down the other side this'll build muscle faster than you can say hooah secondly always ALWAYS have an amazing kick meaning after the end of being chased 2 miles and you see a fortified house with people wanting you in you must have to be able to sprint faster than any other point in the chase like my coach said "You're gonna run till you puke and guess what? Then your gonna go run some more"
Here's a good get-into-shape workout you should all try when you get the chance.

This will be done in sets of 4-6, whichever you're more comfortable starting with. You can always go up next time. In this exercise, you will have a a heavy weight workout followed by a resistance workout.

First is deadlifts with heavy weights, but not quite your max. Keep your back straight, shoulders back, bend your knees, and dip the barbell as low as you can, being sure to lean your weight on your heels. Lift your toes need be. Do six reps, then immediatly do stationary jumps. Go down as if your doing a dead lift, then jump up as high as you can. The second you touch the ground, bend your knees, and jump again. Do that six times then take a 60 second break.

After 60 seconds, hit the bench press and nail out 6 reps with heavy weights. Remember to have a spotter ready, just in case. When 6 reps is up, immediatly drop to the floor and do 6 plyo pushups. Those are pushups where you spring off the ground and clap your hands while in the air. Rest 60 seconds then go back to deadlifts and repeat the course 4-6 times.

So it looks like this:

A1. Deadlift: 6 reps
A2. Jumps: 6 reps
B1. Bench press: 6 reps
B2. Plyo Pushups: 6 reps

This workout is good for building power and speed, and is a mega fat burner.
Starting a Fitness Routine

by Stew Smith

March is the month that most people who were hell-bent on starting a fitness routine at the start of the year typically fall off the wagon. If you even made it to March, you have beaten the odds of New Years resolution-makers succeeding in their fitness goals. After January the word "resolution" seems to have dropped from our lips and is all but forgotten. But do not fear - I am here to help you not waste the gym membership payment that you locked in.

The thing is, this is completely natural. Read my "Five Psychological Phase of Fitness" article for more information. In a nutshell, after a few months of exuberance about your fitness plan (Phase 1), many things can happen. For instance, maybe you were:

- Bored with the same old routine
- Stricken with an illness
- Injured due to over-use or improper technique
- Subject to a schedule change
- Starting to doubt yourself and your abilities (Phase 2).

Regardless of the reason, you are no longer exercising and that has to change. Below are some simple ideas to do at home if you cannot make it to the gym, as well as a fun circuit program that will get you through a full body workout in the shortest amount of time.

Break up your workout week into two types of workouts Cardio and Resistance/Calisthenics Training.

Cardio Ideas:

You can do cardio workouts such as walking, jogging, biking, swimming, rowing on any day, and it only takes 20-30 minutes to receive a good cardio-vascular benefit. Keep your heart rate at about 50-65% of your maximum. A good way to determine maximum heart rate is the theoretical formula of:

220 - age = max heart rate

If you do this 3-4 days a week, you will burn enough calories to lose weight (and inches) as long as you are not getting too carried away with your eating habits. See my "Lean Down Plan" article for more ideas on what to eat and when.

The best thing about this part of your workout is that you can do your cardio exercise around your neighborhood, on a treadmill at home, or at to the gym if you choose. So on days when time is short, get your cardio done, or make those the 1-2 days of rest you should give yourself every week.

Calisthenics and Weight Machines:

The abdominal routines and lower back exercises are the easiest to do and take the least amount of time -- usually five to ten minutes. Here is a quick abdominal/lower back routine you can at your home or in between sets at the gym:

- Crunches - 25
- Reverse Crunches - 25
- Double Crunches - 25
- Left Crunches - 25
- Right Crunches - 25
- Bicycle Crunches - 25

See the "Rest with Crunches" article for pictures and more information on fitting abs workouts into your program.

Here is a Full-Body Weight Circuit Routine that can be used to get you back in the gym again: (Use machines or dumbbell/free weights)

Do this weight routine 2-3 times a week:

- Bench press - 15,10* reps
- Pulldowns - 15,10* reps
- Squats or leg press - 10-15 reps
- Leg Curls - 10-15 reps
- Rest with abs - do 50 reps of the crunch exercises above
- Military press (shoulder press) - 15,10*
- Bicep Curls - 15,10
- Triceps Extensions - 10-15 reps
- Plus an exercise of choice - pick a machine and do two sets of 15 reps on it

Repeat above again if you have time/energy

(*Complete this set with heavier weight on the first set; immediately drop the weight a few pounds and perform the second number of reps without rest)

On days you cannot get to the gym to lift weights, give this superset a shot. Add dumbbell investment of $20-30 to fully supplement your home workout:

- Pushups - 10-20
- Crunches - 20
- Wide Pushups - 10-20
- Rev crunches - 20
- Bench dips - 10-20
- Double Crunches - 20
- Squats - 20
- Lunges - 10-20 / leg
- Bicep curls - 20
- Triceps Extension - 20
- Military Press - 20

Hell no the most exercise I get is drunking


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