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so I've been working on a little something special for us here and well.......

I would like to introduce you all to




Hammir and Syckl (hammer and sickle)

the twin komrad zombie killers, this will be my first attempt at a web comic book so please let me know your thoughts and opinions. of course this here is just the cover page i have made for them thus far

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looks cool brother. let me know when you start publishing on the web and where at.

Awesome idea, Komrad. I look forward to the finished project...good luck!

sweet, you planning on incorporating us Komradz as characters? you have my permission, that would be the SHIT!!!
there will be a comic side to it but, not through out the entire saga, and i'll be posting the installments here as blogs
Can I die in it?
Lmao...sure thing haha
if you wanna incorporate us komradz into it and need any firearm advise, just let me know brother. i will answer all your questions to my best for you. even if you dont use us. my knowledge is yours for the taking.
I dont wanna die, but maybe some heroic rescue would be nice, then Ill be some tag-along for awhile being that guy at the end of every movie just before the hero is about to get shot, that just blows the bad guys head off out of nowhere, then Ill say some witty clever punch-line and stroll off in the sunset!!!! WORD!!...
What happened to these cute little guys?
What's the update on this? Anything??
He is missing in action! :'(


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