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   We all know what is going on in government today...And I tend not to do political stances because we all have our own political stances on various subjects...This has nothing to do with zombies, but yet it does in a way in which those who are against guns don't understand...If we, law abiding citizens carried have our guns or even have our 2nd amendment right taken away, how are we to defend ourselves in any SHTF scenario...Doesn't even matter if it's zombies...What if it was riots, foreign invasion or whatever?? How would you defend yourself??? Bows and arrows?? Rocks and sticks??? 


Our friends over at Absolute Rights put this short minute and fifty second video together explaining why they’d never give up their guns. We can’t help but agree with everything portrayed here. One thing that you just never know, is when your gun could come in handy and save your life (not to mention the lives of others).

gun control

After all, it’s better to have a gun and not need it, than it is to need a gun and not have it.

The above statement is very true.

If this video teaches us anything, it is that cowards will always try to take from those whom they believe to be weak. More often than not, they will try to do so with a weapon. This would be considered deadly force in a court of law.

Depending upon the state in which you live, illegal deadly force can be met with legal deadly force. Usually, once a disparity in strength is equalized when a would-be victim pulls out his/her firearm in self-defense, the cowards run away.

Either that, or they get shot. As, you can see happening a few times in this video:

I’ll leave it up to you, folks. Are you going to give up your guns? I know what my answer is. I don’t necessarily need to know yours unless you want to share it with me.

After all, it is my right to bear arms—not a privilege. How do I know this? Here’s how:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Go ahead, read that again. Let it sink in. That, my friends, is what is known as the Second Amendment. It is something that is written into the Law of the Land. It is a right that cannot be infringed upon. The 2A protects all of the other laws presented in the constitution. Why? Because a well regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free State.

You wanna know my answer? Yeah, you can have my guns. But first, you can have the bullets. Then, when I’m out of my ammo, you can pry them from my cold, dead hands.

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you said it brother, i just imagine this will be you when the shit hits the fan.

lol just busting your balls buddy

That'll be the only way they get my Guns....(LOL)

yeah im with you there


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