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https://www.roku.com/  If you love movies buy one of these! So awesome.  If you buy one hook it up yourself. I had the damn geek squad hook mine up for 50 bucks, cuz I thought it would be very difficult,  shit I wanted to switch tvs so I looked at the hook up & saw all that I had to do was plug a wire into the tv & plug the roku into the wall. I'm thinking of suing best buy.

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I have to go home and check all the channels. So many Wicked horror ones!

There are some great ones

Horror Movie Channels on Roku

Fright Pix

Fright Pix

Fright Pix, hands down, is the best of the bunch. There were at least 10 categories of scary movies, from campsite to vampires to slasher. Every category had at least 40 films. Not only did Fright Pix have a huge selection, there were many former first-run movies starring some of Hollywood’s finest like Rose McGowan (Devil in the Flesh) Ben Kingsley, Elizabeth Shue and Mena Suvari. All of The Howling movies and even a Jeffrey Dahmer movie staring Jeremy Renner were on tap.

The Grindhouse Channel

The Grindhouse Channel has a slightly different take on horror movies.  There were some oddballs like Cannibal Holocaust and Blood Hook. Grindhouse also has a collection of 70’s movies that blended horror with terror.   And they stockpiled a bunch of motorcycle gang flicks. If there were ever a badly filmed biker movie, Grind House probably has it.

Midnight Pulp

If you want to delve deep into the truly, truly weird, Midnight Pulp I  the channel for you. There’s the collection of Troma films like Toxic Avenger and Surf Nazis Must Die. Most horror fans know about those. But the foreign-made films are THE weirdest like Gurozuka, an Asian slasher movie, and Evil Twin, about a girl who wakes up after a 10 year coma that was induced by a drowning accident that killed her sister. I wonder whose doing the killing in the town now?


There is Cryptic TV too.

Providing the best horror and b-movies on the planet for absolutely free! All complete

There is a movie Zombie Undead on the Horror channel that starts off really good! 

Thanks I'll be looking for it.

Roku has the best horror movies.

There is MIDNIGHT PULP that has a bunch of Grindhouse and Horror movies.

Midnight Pulp

Midnight PulpRokuGuide Quick Look: Midnight Pulp currently carries 170 titles in 10 categories, although a few of those titles are in multiple categories, so the actual number is a bit less. What makes Midnight Pulp different from some of the other free-movie channels is that these films are more recent - from this century, in fact.

The following movies categories are provided:

  • Action & Martial Arts
  • Cheesy
  • Cult
  • Foreign
  • Grindhouse & Exploitation
  • Horror & Splatter
  • Indies
  • Music
  • Reality & Docs
  • Thriller

That's one of my favorites on it

One of our own AS members has there own shown on Roku!
I will get the info and post bit tonight!

Thank you I just added it because of you. I've been looking for it since the post.

I've seen something about ROKU, but never took the time to look it up or even see what it's all about...Looks like I'll be making time tonight to look it up...


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