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Hey All,

   I've been reading a lot more since my mother-in-law got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas this year. From Dec. 25 till this morning, I've read a but load of books on or about the subject of zombies.

   So I've decided not to give the story plots away, but give you my list and review some of the books I've read so far. Which is a lot. It's a total of 40 books in all. I'm going to put a few up with a short review without giving the plot away to much. Lets get started...

   Chaos Campus: Sorority girls VS. Zombies

   This is a comic book that has probably been out for a little while. The comic starts out at a Frat or Sorority Party and goes from there. This has turn into a very interesting read. No it's nothing along the lines of The Walking Dead comics, but I can't wait to get the 3rd issue. The fact that they have an interesting way to keep people from turning and the addition to the use of a little (lack of a better term), black magick or witchcraft is kind of cool. Now this isn't some sailor moon, rainbow brite meets the undead bullshit. It actually is kind of interesting on the way the story is going from the first 2 issues is pretty good. Especially since there is some lesbian indoendos within the comic. Which is kind of cool because it adds to some of the comic relief after some of the action. And the Thriller reference in issue 2 was funny as hell. 

   I say this is a must read for those who love comics and would like a change from the norm in the Zombie genre.

Aftermath: Found/Wanderer/ Survivor (by Richard Schwarz)

   These three short stories are told from a woman's point of view. Which kind of caught me off guard a little. Because a male author writing from a woman's point of view was kind of weird to me. How in the hell could a male writer know what a woman could or would say during a zombie apocalypse. But as a read more into the story, I think he did a very good job. It was one short series, in which I hope he continues the story because of the way he left it ended the last book. It left a wide open range of where he could go with it. I actually enjoyed these a lot more then I thought. I would recommend these short books to anyone that asks about them.

Zombie Tales (by Robert DeCoteau)

   These short stories within this little series I really enjoyed from start to finish and hope he keeps writing more. These short stories take place before, during and s few after the Z-poc. They each tell the story from many different views. The cool thing about them is they are all from different residents within the same apartment complex. Which is interesting. The different views are amazingly different from each person. 

Deadlocked 1 (by A.R. Wise)

   I like this book. Plain and simple. It starts off with a father at work and then deals with his journey to reach his home when all hell breaks lose. It also tells the sacrifices that he made in order to make it home and to get his family to safety. I am interested in getting book 2 to see what happens next. Not many books can keep my attention like this one did. I finished this book in about an hour. Which lead me to wanting more, but I was broke and couldn't get the next one for my kindle. So yeah, this would be a good read for all fathers and/or males with children. 

LZR-1143 collection (by Bryan James)

   I've started reading these books about a year ago on my Nook to PC program and fell in love with these books. Specially the twist within book 2. When a book captures my attention to where I can't put it down I literally spend my last few dollars to get book 2, it's a very good read. 

   I recommend this series to anyone and everyone from those who are starting to get into the zombie genre to the most veteran zombie reader. 

There are many more books I've read and will be placing those on a list of recommended reading for all zombie fan readers. I won't be reviewing all of them, it would take way to long. These books are nothing more then for entertainment. Which from time to time you have to do, because there is only so much survival and research reading you can do before you burn yourself out. So for a little while I will be placing books for entertainment purposes only. Though if you are anything like me, you every now and then find yourself yelling at the main character about how stupid they were for doing something that we know to be wrong. (LOL)

   I hope I picked a few books that you will enjoy reading and have as much fun as I did reading them.  Enjoy!

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Im currently reading The Walking Dead: The Rise of the Governor (it's the first book in their new novel series, apparantly their focusing on individuals characters back stories). And so far it's pretty good.

You are going to have one Horrific reading year!

Enjoy the Zombie books and keep us updated on the reviews!


Thanks, will keep you all updated on my selections...

if you havent already you MUST read FEED, it's the first book in a trilogy by Mira Grant. I thought I had ordered a package deal to receive the other two books afterward, but apparantly I somehow messed up and only ordered the last book, so I must get the second one before I'm able to read it lol, but yes you have to read FEED

I'll definitely will check it out.  Thanks

I've been reading a new series. I just finished Zombie Games (Origins).

   I will say this, it kept my interest. I will admit to everyone, when I first saw the title of the book series, I was thinking that someone took the Hunger Games and just added zombies to it. But after reading Zombie Games (Origins) by Kristen Middleton, I want to see what happens next. 

   I do believe that some of the situations the lead female character goes through, parallel a few situations within the Hunger Games, but the ways the writer twists the situations actually make the book more exciting. The basic outline for the story is a 17 year old girl and her family are thrust into a world of zombies caused by a superflu or the vaccine for the flu. During the start of the zombie breakout the girl can't find her dad, sister or mother and goes on a search for them. The one thing I did find a little interesting, is they gave the girl and her small crew a little bit of a sidewinder pitch. Because not only the small 4 to 8 year old children within her group, but also the down syndrome child that is thrust into the group. The way the writer has the characters deal with the special needs of the child and the needs of the other children and the search for the girl's family kept me on the edge of my seat. Of course there are some female situations within the book, but they are handled tastefully. 

   I would say if you are looking for a story that deals with some unique situations, I say give it a read. Now if you are just looking to start reading a nice zombie series so far, this book is a good one to start with. 

I've also tried many times to read this next book. I've even skipped a chapter or two to see if it got better. Valley of Death (trailer park of Zombies) by William Bebb has really fallen short to me. I kept plugging and the wordy and unvisualization of what was happening in the story. I've finally had to quit reading the book. I swore that no matter what, I would read a book from cover to cover, but this one has not caught nor has it kept my attention. I would rather pluck my eyes out with dinner forks then try and finish this book. Everytime I try to read it, I get three pages in and fall asleep. 

   I'm not going to say not to read it, because someone might find it interesting. I'll say i'm going to pass on this book. For myself, this book will definitely go into my pile of maybe later...

Keep readin everyone. 

I must say, the Governor is actually a pretty good dude so far through this book, I can't wait to get to the stuff that turns him in the deviant asshole he becomes, excellent book so far

You wouldn't have that where you can send it to me?  

No it's a novel I bought, I can give you a link to order it though...



Also the second book in the series "A Road to Woodbury" is on there. Probably my next purchase

Holy shit, I just read that this is a trilogy about The Governor, I thought that "Rise of the Governor" was the sole book of his story and the other ones to follow were other characters. Turns out the trilogy is all about him...damn, so I'm going to be left hanging at the end of this one lol. "A Road to Woodbury" is the second part of his story, not someone elses

I think the main thing that really mind fucked him was his wife and daughter being mutated into zombies. But I haven't read none of the books based on him yet. So I'm hoping to get a the whole trilogy in order to understand the total transformation from good guy to mental case....(L)

no actually his wife died before the zpoc, I think she was killed in a car accident...it actually doesn't go into great detail about it...but yea I know his daughter at some point...hasn't happened yet in the story, I'm anxious to see about it


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