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Pummel Pipe Hand Hammer

Pummel Pipe Hand HammerPUMMEL PIPE HAND HAMMER: For those of you out there looking for a close-range Anti-Zombie weapon or single hand tool, check out the Pummel Pipe Hand Hammer. Nearly duplicate in design to the original Pummel Pipe, the Pummel Pipe Hand Hammer is still a beast in its own right.

The one-handed operation of the Pummel Pipe Hand Hammer allows for quick and easy action on a larger number of targets within a shorter amount of time. While the Pummel Pipe Hand Hammer lacks in over-all crushing power compared to its big brother, it makes up for it small stature with speed and a lighter carry weight.

Tools: Pipe wrench, steel wool, adhesive (optional, but recommended), and a sharp knife.

Materials: 3/4″ diameter 12″ long steel pipe, two 3/4″ threaded connections, two 3/4″ end caps, one 3/4″ to 1/4″ adapter, one 1/4 squared plug, 3/4″ T adapter, and 550 paracord (optional for wrapping).

Step 1. If needed, clean the pipe by scrubbing it with steel wool. This helps remove grime and rust that may corrode the metal or eat away at the optional paracord wrapping that comes later.

Step 2. Piece together the head of your Pummel Pipe, making sure to tighten down each piece as much as possible without stripping the threads. We recommend that you secure each piece with an application of sealant/glue (like loctite) as you go; this will increase the longevity and lower the risk of future maintenance for the Pummel Pipe. If you choose to use adhesive, please wait until it has fully set before moving on to the next step.

Step 3. Secure the now completed head to the main body of the pipe, tightening it down as much as you can without stripping the threads. We recommend that you DO NOT use adhesive here. Leaving this attachment removable allows experimentation with different configurations for the weapon, and it allows for easy replacement of the main body, should the need ever arise. Place the end cap on the open end of the pipe and you’re ready to wrap the handle with paracord.

Step 4. Adding a paracord wrap to your Pummel Pipe will increase the grip and help deaden the shock to your hands and arms when you get a good solid hit.

Run a length of cord from the end to the head of the pipe, leaving about 2 inches at the tip of the handle. Carefully wrap the remaining cord down the length of the pipe, covering the length of cord you previously laid out. Do this until the main body is fully covered. Cut away the remaining paracord, leaving about 2 inches to secure it with. Tie the two loose ends together, and seal them with a lighter, hot stove burner, or other high temperature heat source.

Step 5. You now have a Pummel Pipe Hand Hammer for all the bashing, smashing, and crashing you can handle.

Mods: Customizing and making modifications to your personal Pummel Pipe Hand Hammer is an important part of the build. Make sure that you’re using a length of pipe that matches your abilities and body-size, a color of paracord that fits your needs and of course any changes to the head of the hammer that you would like.

Make it a Dead-Weight – While the paracord wrap will help deaden the sometimes hand-tingling force of a heavy strike to a hard surface, adding sand or an alternate fine-grain material into the main body of your Pummel Pipe will ease the shock immensely as well as increase the load behind each swing.

Make it an Emergency Kit – adding a few basic supplies like some fishing gear, small sewing kit or even a fire-starting kit to the empty handle of your Hand Hammer is a great way to stay some extra supplies without the hassle of digging around in your pack for them.

Simply place the contents of your kit into a plastic bag and shove the bag inside the handle. This helps keep everything inside nice and dry, in place and easy to get to should the need arise.

All of these steps can be done without the use of power-tools, making this DIY or Die Trying project easy to do, even after a horde of zombies knocks out the local power station. So, with readily available parts, super easy build, and devastating force, the Pummel Pipe truly is one hell of an anti-zombie melee weapon. After running it through the ringer, you’ll see that, when made correctly, it can last you through a lifetime of use… even if you spend half the time warding off zombie attacks and other survivors. The Pummel Pipe has been a great too for us here at Zombease HQ, easily falling and tearing through materials as we continue to put it to the test and discover its limits.

Still plenty capable of crushing a Zombie head, the Pummel Pipe Hand Hammer is a great addition to a Bug Out Bag for people on the move or a low-key tool to keep around the house.

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This DIY Pipe Weapon is simple, inexpensive to make and deadly.

It's pretty cheap...


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