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 when the world ends it will be important to still have rules. unconditional iron clad laws that every one must follow. they must be simplified and adjusted to fit the new world to not have such simple bounders only invites chaos and ruin. so with that in mine here are the seven laws of my clan the blood saints. it is the oath every member but swear to and abide by. i call them the,                           

                                                             OF ALLEGIACEN

 1.    Devotion, you commit your soul to god, but your ass belongs to The Order.

 2.    Faith, you will obey with out question.

 3.    Pious, The Order is righteous, all others are not.

 4.    Equivalence, Good works will be rewarded.

 5.    Atonement, Punishment will be swift, and according.

 6.    Peace, conflicts will be settled by those that started.

 7.    Veneration, Any Brother may challenge for leadership of The Order.

 8.    Edict, you shall not kill a human.

9.    Allocation, humanity can be dictated.

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i got a question on #8. what about self defense? there will times when killing a human is a must to stay alive. what then?

see law nine humanity can be dictated, basically we decide who's human. go against us and your not human, your a heretic meaning law eight doesn't apply. by the way happy new year!

Happy New Year little brother.

Komrad I wish you could be here to help us with these apocalyptic question. I would think there has to be a exception. 

Did you make the laws yourself?

yeah i mean some are based on the eight laws from the postman movie but it my own original spin on them, and a few of them are all mine.

To be a member and belong to your post apocalyptic group all the members have to swear by the laws Articles OF ALLEGIACEN . Now what are the consequences for disobeying the laws/rules and who will enforce them? 

well the first or most loyal 12 will be my personal honor guard. I'm thinking of calling them the arch angels. they'll each be in charge of a group of men. and they're for responsible for the disciple of their men. for personal conflicts according to law six, will be handled in a thunder dome type fight.as fer disobeying orders. i was thinking of having a fate based approach. a by chance picking of assorted punishments. all of them harsh non of them life threatening. unless of course law eight was broken. meaning either the death of a brother or someone given special protection. in which case the only punishment is death!

So your Honor Guard of 12 is based off of the 12 Disciples??  

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome had a good one when it came to punishments. this could apply to the whole letting fate decide thing. BUST A DEAL! FACE THE WHEEL! let fate decide. all you have to do is come up with the punishments to put on it that you feel would be fair according to the laws you made.

you know me so well jessie.

and yeah rhino thats what i was thinking of exactly,now i just need think of a good rhyme for order and wheel.  maybe DISOBEY AND PLAY or something.

Let the Spin justify the Sin....Or.....Spin to Purify the Sin.....


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