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Have you guys heard of this story about a possible zombie attack that has been all over the networks today!?!?! Apparently it was in Miami! Researching it now. Tell you when I find something but until then here is the link to the whole story! Let me know what you think!!!


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yeah. i saw this late last night burning the midnight oils. when i saw it. i posted a discussion on it here to like you did. i think this is a precursor to what is to come. i mean what sane person would eat a mans face and eyes in full view of the public but a zombie that didnt care if it was seen or not? and for the man to be shot once and still keep eating??? that smacks of zombie if i ever seen it. i mean the officer had to shoot like six or seven times at close range to stop him and no closer then he was. one of those shots had to be a head shot. and i also noticed and pointed it out in the discussion i posted. the media has been kept very much at bay. usually they have the names of ALL parties involved when something like this happens. in this case. not one name. not the name of the officer, the victim being eaten, not even the name of the guy doing the eating. am i the only swinging dick here who finds this a tad odd? the only time this kind of thing happens is when the feds and the gooberment are doing a coverup of some kind.

Well been Velming it all day like I do! :)

Gonna post all I have found!

saw your posts. i like what you found there. and very eyeopening to. i still say this is a begining of the Z-Poc.

you got that one right! my place can be used as a rally point. and brother, its not just the gooberment. its all their agencies to right down to the CDC. if you will note. they are very tight lipped as hell right now. i wouldnt expect any help from them on this other then to help cover it up.

I think we should all try and help one another if we can guys. whether or not they are WZ members or not. But I really do love the group support :)

Thank you for posting this here. There is more on the updated version of this discussion. BTW bath salts is just the latest. Before it was a new designer LSD drug.

Though I feel I should mention that those of us who can need to probably stop speculating without any proof or suggestion that something is true. That would better keep the flow of info to what really happened.

Oh I sometimes say things that sound rude when i don't mean them that way and if the above read that way then I am sorry. Really more of a good suggestion.

*Giggle Wink*

We need to keep vigilante and see if anymore info surfaces! GREAT POST *Giggle Wink*

LOL thank you! Posting some more now! :) OH on the other one!

There are more!!!! I am putting something together right now that is gonna fuck with your head! Will post as soon as I am done! A connection between  three stories! Wait till you see!!!!!



WTF!!!! Okay I did not realize where this one was until I just heard it on my LOCAL news channel!!!! Do me a fav guys!!!!! Make sure you keep in contact with me over the next few weeks! This one was an hour away from where me and MY SON live! Oh and if you guys don't see me on in a while then those of you that are close to me grab the WOC ( Weapon of Choice ),get your ass in the car and come get me damnitt!  http://ning.it/Ld2raO

i told you guys this shit is getting real. but nobody wants to listen to ole' Rhino. NOW do we believe me when i say this shit is getting real. and Velma. Ohio is only a few states away. i will find a way to get you the help you will need. all you gotta do is drop me a dime in my wz mail and gimme the addy to get you from.


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