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ya know ya used ta love em

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Jesus H Christ I wanna kill this dude! I have lived by 6 Flags in Arlington for about 25 years and this piece of shit ruined it for me the day I saw this commercial for the first time.

"More Flags, More Fun!"
Oh Ya! How about I shove a flag pole up your goddamn urethra you fake old fuck!?
Sorry, I am very passionate about this. Now he even has a mini sidekick that is a tiny child dressed like this old goon. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he is like Dr. Evil, he needs his mini-me. lol.
kitty and kas when they get old....whatzzzuuuppppp!!!!!
I musta been 8 or 9 when this shit came out! Still remember it like yesterday! LOL

this is a classic bro. lol.

When I was a kid I laughed my ass off at this one all the time


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