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As we all know. Good places to hole up in will be at a premium as far as real estate goes. And we all know the key to real estate. Location, location and yes. Location. So with that being said. What can be some good places to hole up at? I can think of one.


Now I bet your sitting there in your chair thinking "Has the big guy finally lost it?! Has that big horn on Rhino's head finally scattered his brains?! A GRAVE YARD!" But when you think about it. They to can make a good place to hold your own at. Now what can a grave yard have that can help you survive? Let's look at that shall we.


A lot of cemeteries have high walls or strong rot iron fences with hedges around them. I know I for one know a few cemeteries with good thick stone walls that make a great fortification against a flesh hungry stinker. Rot iron fences are nice. But keep in mind The Walking Dead. What happened with the prison? Between the zombie's constant weight in masses and the Governor. Those fences came tumbling down. Both rows of them. And let's face it. Who wants to go on brain poke patrol seven days a week anyway. So in my opinion. Stone is the way to go.


Most cemeteries have just two ways in. One gate letting you in and one letting you out. Or one big gate serving as both. Those gates are usually huge and strong. But again let's use Walking Dead 101 here. They don't have two sets of security gates. So you may want to do some fortifying before getting to comfy in the place. I for one like the swinging pike idea that they had in TWD for the prison gates after the sick knock knock joke the Governor did on it. So you might wanna do that to.


Now most of us have a pretty good sized group. But you may end up adding on to it as you go. You may find someone of special skill like an engineer who can light the place up like Christmas. Or a plumber who can expand the water flow of the place. You get my meaning here I think. Plus you will need to think in terms of food growing. Making places to live like some small houses and things like this to survive. Most cemeteries are quardened off with walk ways and drive ways. This will make it easy to separate farming from living areas. And as much as some of you may cringe at this thought. Clearing planting areas means yanking head stones on graves. Don't worry about the people buried there. They are a good six to seven feet under the ground. You won't be disturbing them and they are to far protected by their burial vaults to contaminate your crops. So your food will be safe and so will any drinking water from the wells you dig if they are not already dug. Some cemeteries in the city run off of the city grid. Those like in county areas have wells to draw from so that visitors can clean the headstones and so on. But just in case you need to dig your own. IT WILl BE SAFE TO DRINK FROM. No worries. And most have trees to cut down for housing, tools and so on.


The next thing you will need is living quarters for your group. Even though most large cemeteries have big mosoliums for those who wish to be buried above ground. They don't make good permanent living quarters. Cold in the winter, maybe leaking roofs from rain in summer depending on the grounds keepers and how reliable they are, and just for moral sake. You will want to build homes. They don't need to be fancy. Our ancestors did great with log cabins. If they didn't. Then why are we herer talking today? Lol. So with that said. The trees in your chosen cemetery would be great to harvest for this purpose. Now you may be asking where are you gonna get all the tools for all this? That's easy. All cemeteries have tool sheds and all the tools to cut wood and even if need be, clear land with. So farming and raising homes can be done easy right within your four walls.


As I pointed out above in a few spots. You will have one to two gates and the walls to protect you. To add to this protection. You can use things like the head stones to build look out/distraction points for security and to distract the dead so raiding parties can come and go as needed. After all, I said these places were great places to hole up in but like all places mankind inhabits. There's always need to gather other things from near by areas. Nothing is totally self sustaining after all. And if you want to. You can also use those uprooted head stones to add to the height of your wall to add to your security.

When it comes down to it. There are so many things a cemetery can provide. And best of all. Very few to none will even think of going there to survive and thrive in the first place. The average person will be thinking in terms of all the dead in those places coming up frome the ground and eating them. They won't be thinking in terms of the fact that if it's already dead. It won't reanimate. And if you should choose to renovate any mosoliums there into living space. Some of them even have on site crematoriums to take care of the bodies already there or to take care of any infected in your groups. This is just some of my brain storming here as far as places to go. What's your ideas on some unlikely but very useful places to survive and thrive in. What are their pros and cons. And how can you improve them to your needs.

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I need to put a little thought into my reply Komrad, I'll be back
Lol. We'll be here.

Family crypts actually wouldn't be that hard to modify in placing a wood burning stove in...The only thing you would have to do is move out the tennants that are already there...


   Another good place to hold up at for awhile would be those places that have small huts built in the trees...Granted they would be safe from zombies, because they are in the trees...And with some modifications could be a good place to be able to grow some food...As for fortification, it wouldn't be that hard to retrofit the units against the living, but again there could be issues, but there's always that chance no one looks up...(LOL)

   Another good place could be a house boat...You would be able to fish for food, plus if the house boat is big enough, you would be able to grow food on the bow of the boat...Plus if ever threaten, you can go move to another spot...Plus you could run a small boat from shore to docks for scavenging supplies....

So very true brother. These are the kinds of things I am looking for. The odd but effective ways to survive. ;-)


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