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My grandad used to tell me that at the conclusion of ww2 New Zealand tried to erract a type of Prohibition but the Returned Serviceman (my Granddad) were never going to take that shit lying down and so the goverment settled for 6pm closing of the pubs That was the last time in New Zealand that any New Zealanders were actually listened to by their Goverment.
What I am living in now is so fucking close to a police state how dare you my rights are trempled on my country has been rensacked
From the Day we join The NEW World Order My sovreignty has been hacked up and sold off all with the land and assects of my country to foreign investors.IS this not Treason. David lange a man hood stood up for what New Zealand Was once said "Theatre is very important to the human condition. It is not about reason. It is not about rationalilty.Politics is irrational."
Back in 1977 the GCSB was set up as a civilian organisation within the Ministry of Defence by the Then PM Robert Muldoon a key part of the global spy system within US National Security Agency. ECHELON captures and analyzes virtually every email phone call fax txt message sent all over the world. ECHELON is controlled by the NSA operated in conjuncttion with the Government Communications Head Quarters GCHQ of England, The Communications Security Establishment Of Canada The Australian Defense Security Directorat.We Play our part under David Building The Waihopai Spy Base, The Two Domes. ECHELON Basic program is A Dictionary with words being added and deleted at any time which searched everthing all the time 24/7 any keyword pulls up a red flag. Each of our Dictionaries have code names you can look up COWBOY for the Yakima Facility and FLINTLOCK for the Waihopai facility. Each Flagged raised by the ECHELON dictionaries has a four digit code representing the source or subject of the message as well as the date time and station codeword. Also included in the message headers are the codenames for the intended agency:ALPHA-ALPHA ECHO-ECHO UNIFORM-UNIFORM OSCAR-OSCAR ect The NSA uses the New Zealand Waihopai sites to monitor the world.
NewZealands' Inland Revenue Department issuses IRD numbers to people from birth everyone has 3 sets of 3 numbers permanently marked beside your name.
When X Preesident George Bush & X Prime Minister Helen Clark meet at the white house, Bush said"Some countries have difficult issues that require New Zealands leadership with the US help to help To solove the problems. We have talked about the need to work together in the Asia_Pacific region.. About how APEC is a useful forum for the US and New Zealand to work with China." Helen followed :We have a very good relationship and we talked about areas in the new international security environment where we'r working particulary closely counter terrorism counter proliferation. The President is very Familiar with the work New Zealand has been doing in Afghanistan and is very appreciative of it. We are also participating with the US in another Project under the G8 Global partnership for eliminating WMDs still floating around the ex Soviet countries. We have indicated that New Zealand is very supportive of fast track authority being extended." One can take away from that we actively didnt support Georde's war in Iraq but obviously we are helping with inteligence through Waihopai.

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Undermining Our Sovereignty: The International Labour Organisation

by Owen LLewellyn 

The New World Order. World Government. Conspiracy theories? Paranoia? The truth is, world government has been quietly creeping up on us for a long time. In fact many important building blocks have been in place for decades - almost a century in some cases.

The New Zealand government is considering a proposal to devolve the funding of the provision of various government funded services to local boards in certain demarcated regions


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