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Need some good horror/zombie movies to catch on Netflix. Help me out.

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wyrmwood: is a great zombie movie on Netflix. Imagine night of the living dead meets mad max pretty fucking good movie i did a video review of it a while back.

Tremors five bloodlines: is a great movie if you like the tremors films or just giant creature features.

odd Thomas: really good supernatural movie. its very much like john dies at the end if you've seen that or read the books. only other film i found in that quirky supernatural style.

The last days on mars: pretty good zombie film as long as you go into knowing its a zombie movie set in a scifi setting. and not a scifi thriller.

big ass spiders is good in that low budget scifi channel creature feature of the week kinda way.

would you rather: really good suspense slash torture film with a wonderful ending that will really get to you. If you have as black a heart as me that is. 

Troll hunter: really great Swedish monster movie. if you like mockumenturies, kind like quarantine but for trolls obviously. don't know which one is on Netflix the subtitled of the dubbed. sub is better cause the voice acting on the dumb is kinda shit.

tucker and dale vs evil: is a really funny black comedy that takes the whole teen slasher genera on its head.

Stake land: really great vampire movie. i always say its what zombie land would be if it was a serious action horror film instead of a comedy.

john dies at the end: again really great supernatural quirky film can't really describe it, odd Thomas and this are like there own genera you'll either love them or hate them, but you will feel a strong emotion i promise that.

cockneys vs zombies: is a wonderful zombie movie from across the pond that very much in the style of Shawn of the dead. also the only zombie movie i know to take place in a retirement home. and if you dont like seeing an old gun with Uzis duck tapped to his walker taking on zombies then there is no hope for you.

pontypool: is a really great slow psychological zombie film. Don;t expect to see any heads explode but if you want to just chill out in nice dark room to a good zombie movie this is the one for you. also has one of the most interesting zombie mechanics in film I've ever seen.

the host: is a very well made Korean creature feature. If you like giant monitors and don't mind subtitles this is a good one to watch.

Night bread the directors cut: also available on Netflix, is a must watch of 80's horror. sadistic mask wearing serial killer. monstrous realms, populated by horrifying and interesting creatures. and a man trying to prove his innocence. its a great movie to watch for some 80's nostalgia.

Day of the dead: need no explanation.

monsters: is another good mocumentary style monster movie, but the ending is kinda hit or miss.

let the right one in: i believe this is the original french version. a great take on the vampire genera. I've only seen the american remake, but i hear this is even better and the american one was pretty damn good. 

Re-animator: is a great 80's throw back and zombie movie. it's also a Lovecraft story so pretty damn good for a interesting and different take on zombie with some good old fashioned corpses killing people. more like return of the living dead then night of. i suggest watch the whole series of re-animator movies they-re all good.

Stalled: is a pretty good low budget zombie movie about a guy trapped in a toilet stall after zombies invade his office building. more about suspense then action, it can get a little slow sometimes but worth watching all the way through. 

state of emergency: is another good low budget zombie film using mostly suspense rather then action you never even really see a zombie up close so i can be slow at times again but worth a watch if only one time.

zombeavers: is a pretty fun zombie movie about well zombie beavers. the humor is a little low brow but if you like that kinda thing its great for a laugh. i did a vido review for this one to you can find it here on the site.

Dead snow and dead snow two: Both really great Swedish zombie movies. i especially like the second one. If your not tired of the whole Nazi zombie thing and love countless amounts of blood and gore then this is the film for you.

The horde: A french zombie film this time about a group of cops and thugs trapped in a decaying apartment complex at the start of the zombie apocalypse. it has amazing action and suspense. If you haven't seen this jewel yet i suggest you watch it immediately!!! It's a must for zombie fans.

there you go hope this list helps. Netflix is a vast sea of horror films. a lot of them are crap but its worth just going through and picking tittles at random. your bound to find some gems that way. this list is just some of the ones I've watched and like the most.

I would go with La Horde & Stalled... Wicked list saint.357

both solid films any on the list make for a great watch. happy to see Netflix got so many great horror films now, i watched all of these at other places. guess i dont shell out money every month to Netflix for nothing. Really had choice is what should i re-watch? lol

Thank you. I've actually seen a handful of these. I love LA Horde, one of my top Z films of all time.I will check out many of the rest.
I've also been watching ZNation. I'm 13 episodes in. I like it, obviously its a cheesy show that doesn't take itself too serious, but it has nice effects and is enjoyable.

yeah i liked z nation i gotta get caught up on some of the later episodes though, kinda fell behind on that.

From what I hear it begins to get really cheesy and campy, sort of like they realized their little nitche and ran with it. But yea, I'll probably catch a few more episodes tonight. Laying here sick, not much else to do.

camp can be fun sometimes if done right, like evil dead.

I watched 'State of Emergency' tonight. I liked it. I appreciate that particular sub genre of film. The Zpoc lone survivor/group isolated in the midst of an unknown outbreak. It lacks gorey zombie killing action, but is very human. The acting and dialogue got a little dry for me at times, but all in all it was a good one.

yeah its not a bad film to chill out too, its worth a watch but i don't think it has a a lot of repeat ability. know what i mean?

oh yea not a flick I'd watch again. I watched Oculus tonight. Pretty good flick, very interesting concept and execution. I recommend it.

That's the one about the haunted mirror right? I never saw it i really don't like ghost horror.

I have been watching American Horror Story. I just finished season 3...


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