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Alright boys and girls, this one's simple. If you had to choose between living in either Nazi Germany or Communist Russia, Nazi Germany ruled by Hitler and Communist Russia ruled by Stalin, which would you chose? Think carefully.

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both were psychotics and killed their own people but one was a slower psychotic then the other. so i would go soviet Russia and Stalin.

I'd choose a bullet to the fucking head....oh wait....you couldn't own weapons in those repressive regimes! XD

Nazi Germany
safer escape, hitler was crazy, but lazy.
stalin killed whole towns!

I agree both killed millions...difference is tho Stalin killed his own people....Hitler killed Jews...and he adored his people.

Komrad Stalin was GEORGIAN not Russian - hitler killed GERMAN Jews too

Hitler was an equal opportunity mass murderer. he killed everyone. plus he had a higher death toll then Stalin. Stalin didnt kill unless he felt you were a threat to himself and the people. Hitler would kill a man just for being born cross eyed. master race and all that shit. lol. way safer in soviet Russia.

Stalin's estimated genocide was ranged from 8 to 13 million, not including the soldiers he had at his disposal and people that went 'missing' in his purges.

fuck! That explains why he killed all those millions of Russians then!

Hitler wanted world domination. as a result he would kill any man, woman, or child that he thought would stand in his way. and his reason for killing the Jewish people was a more personal one then anything. Hitler was an exiled Jew. they excommunicated him for his beliefs and lust for power. so as a result. he set out to destroy the Jewish race. the only thing he didnt figure into his factoring was as long as he lived and had offspring. the Jewish race would never be officially destroyed. the rest just fell into the whole world conquest thing. had he won World War II, he would have succeeded. it took a joint effort of the United States, England, France, and Russia to get it done. but it goes to show that a mad man will NEVER succeed as long as people work together. however it took billions of people to die at his hands for it to happen which is the saddest of all. Stalin killed. dont get me wrong. but as far as mad men goes. Hitler killed way more then Stalin ever did.

Maybe you should give the video games a rest and pick up a book bota...as for you taint, nice try in your effort to stir shit up with such a ridiculus discussion but i dont think its working...

i dont think Taint was trying to cause a problem brother Kommissar. it seemed like a logical question given the location of both countries. i know i didnt know as much as i thought i did until you and i had our first meeting and a rather interesting debate. i remember that like it was yesterday in our LZ days. lol. but it was afterward that i did pick up a few books and learned a few things about the said countries and their involvements. what is sad is the schools dont teach as much as they should on the subject. when i went to school. they taught no more then they had to on WWII but tons on other countries and their history. and today's schooling is even worse about it and teach even less. that is part of why i think that history is repeating itself with this countries laws. they are so reminiscent of what Hitler did from the gun registration on down to the FEMA internment camps and foreign prison camps. we are seeing it again. just in our own boarders and worded differently. however the outcome will be the same. the FEMA camps and prisons like GUANTANAMO BAY for those who the government deems a threat is just the start.

I've been thinking about visiting a school some time to see what exactly is going on. From what I've been hearing from a few friends it seems more like the children don't want to listen rather than the lesson isn't being taught.


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