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hey guys long time no see. feels like I've been away forever, life and all that getting in the way far to much. well i plan on coming back here and doing more things again. getting evolved in conversations and even making new videos. now its for the videos that i have brought up this little discussion. now as all who know me know, I'm shy. i dont like to show my face on the internet, which is why you will always see me in a mask. but my old one is well old and rather crappy. i want to start fresh here and i can't think of a better way to symbolize this rebirth if you will, then with a brand new mask. I've actually been wanting to do this for a while now and i think I've finally come up with a good enough design to move on. 

i want a full face mask this time and i want it to incorporate great passion for anime and of course my absolute love of zombies. i think what i have come up does a good job of both with out being to overwhelming on either. now while i have the main layout down i do have choice to make i hope you all can help me with. I'm going for basically a faceless look. this means a rounded and smooth mask with no nose or mouth features. but this leaves me with what to do for the eye holes. i could do the traditional holes making it easy to see but ruining the look. or i could make it with out holes meaning i would need some see threw only from one way kinda material. that I'm sure is out there but maybe hard for me to find. since i plan on making this mask myself.

anyway I've made a little mock of what both styles would look like and you guys tell me which one you like better. and also if you like the whole direction I'm going in or not. with out anymore words i ask you, eyes or no eyes?

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Glad to see you back at your DYI projects. The mask with the eyes have my vote.

looks like eyes are wining so far, well thats easier on me. if i do go with eyes what kinda lenses should i use. i was thinking maybe black grill material some paintball masks, or maybe colored or mirrored lenses? either way i dont want you to be able to see my eyes.

oh and which of these grins do you like better, the first on or this one?

Not sure they both look creepy but the second smile looks more evil.

Thats what I thought okay evil it is mwaahah!

Verry cool

thought it could use a splash of color, so thoughts?

Not red so the eye black and let me see how that works.

Ill see how black looks but I like red myself.

okay so here it is in black.

i dont know i still kinda really like the red.

well just ordered my mask. found the perfect one to work with, should be here in two days. here's what i foudn to work with as a base.

finding this mask was such a stroke of luck! i thought i was going to have to by like a hockey mask and use Bondo on it to get the shape i wanted. but this is perfect! a little more expensive but worth every penny.

i also got some special printable sticker sheets so i can get the exact images i want.

The base mask is sick by itself but with the detailed work you put into the design it will be fucking awesome.


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