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Well its that time again my friends, the leaves are turning and the day is fast approaching where we can walk around dressed as our favorite horror characters without getting arrested. I'm speaking of course of Halloween, or horror fans Christmas. this year i have decided to up my costume game as go as one of my favorite B movie hero the immortal ash Williams from evil dead.

For those unfamiliar with evil dead's ash Williams, may god have mercy on your soul. for the rest of you may know that ash's core outfit is very simple. it consist of a blue dicky's work shirt with pockets on the front. brown pants and work boots. this is what he wore for the first two films. simple boring. its in the later films that he gets the accessory that turn him from wimp every man protagonist to a one handed killing machine. starting of course that most famous of gardening tools turned killing machine the chain saw hand.and it is with this that you know i too had to start.

a lot of work went into this and while it isn't screen accurate i love it more then my first born. i started out with a toy chain saw from a Halloween store. i took it apart painted the one yellow body the iconic evil dead red. then i chopped in half the front handle added a working pull cord made from a retractile key chain holder. cut a whole in the back added the painted PVC connector and dowel rod in the center of the whole thing as a hand hold. as well as redirecting the switch for the speaker and rotating chain action.  then i bent an aluminum door kick plate for the top plate and screwed it on with some bent aluminum bar for the top handle along with scales made form the same length of cut dowel rod. then i weathered the whole thing with a black was and silver sharpy for scratches before adding some fake blood to the blade itself.

next up was the shotgun harness made to hold the iconic, 'boom stick'. ash's self tittles double barreled 12 gauge Remington ~smarts top of the line~ you can find my still work in progress bellow along with the shirt already in the stage of being distressed. along with a little bonus

it's a mistake that most people think ash's harness is made out of leather. but by studding the film and and the evil dead 2 action figure closely its clear that really its only the left shoulder harness strap that leather, the one part i have yet to find. the rest is made out of webbing and this green military stuff is the closest I've found. and yes for those of you who spotted it that is pretty much a screen accurate replica of ashes smart name badge form the end of army of darkness i found on etsy. i know I'm mixing movies here but god damn it's my costume so shut up.

to double down on that since i will be wearing this to work and as cool as the chain saw is it might be a little cumbersome when doing everyday tasks i've decided to also make the prosthetic hand glove from army of darkness as well. while i did find a damn good silicon replica online it was 30 dollars which not to bad, but it was only sold out of china and wouldn't ship to me until November. so i made my own.

i made this from a silver glove base, harder then you'd think to find one of those god. Lucky it already had  a sort of chain mail pattern on the palm. Important since the movie one was made form the knight gauntlet. then i made the back hand plate from a scrap piece of kick plate left over from the saw. the little raised brass pieces are just cut up wire hangers and the scales for the fingers are made from plastic spoon spray painted silver. the cheapest way in my research to make scale armor. it came out better then i thought it would and not feels really nice to wear.

well thats all for now I'll keep you guys appraised as i do more.

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~'This is my boom stick!'~ and while its no 12 gauge double barrel Remington, and far from S-mart's top of the line, i think it will do for my costume.

purchased from the same Halloween store i got the chainsaw from this to sawed of shot gun has eject-able plastic shells and  plays gun shot sounds when you pull the trigger. which while cool are a little cartony. i might remove that feature later on but for now I'm not worried about it. i really like this thing especially the shells that pop out when you break it open. very similar to my mad-max sawed of gun i did last year but this one is much cooler.

the only problem i have with it is that while the barrel length is fine ashes shot gun, unlike mad max and typical sawed offs still has the full length stock. while this one has a short cut off stock. i thought i could cut off the stock of another toy shot gun i found at the Halloween store and sued that but it looked like a lot of faffing around for something that probably wouldn't look that good anyway. for now I'm just gonna give it a paint job and move on.

and of course it wouldn't be evil dead with out that most singular of forbidden grimoire, the tome that started it all. The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, the book of the dead. bound in human flesh and inked in human blood. The text contained prophecies, funerary incantations, and demon resurrection passages.

while mine doesn't actually contain any of those things it does hold a copy of dante's inferno. quite appropriate i thought considering its the book that created our modern interpretation of hell.

The first prop i made for this costume its also the simplest just a paper cover over the book, remembering my old high school days here. then a layer of packing tape over that with the eyes nose a mouth made up of strips of rolled up tape. and then finally a brown paint job with some black highlight and bang you got your self your very own Necronomicon, demon free i might ad. well hopefully that is.

Looking Good Komrad!

Image result for evil dead ash!

thanks love

just saw a video of a guy who did the same chainsaw conversion as mine. but he cut the top down so it curved the one in the movie did, wish i has saw this first, could have saved me some hassle. but hey i really like mine. what do you guys think?

You are Wickedly ready for Halloween ~ Love it! You need to come meet me on November 5!


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