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Hey Boils and Ghouls,

   Well, today I was out picking up my vape juice and ended up spotting a simple E-juice display. I started thinking what if the name belonged to the band. Well, Motley Brew was the dream child and creation of the rock band MOTLEY CRUE...

mot•ley (mŏt′lē) adj. 1. Having elements of great variety or incongruity

brew (broo) verb. 1. to contrive, plan, or bring about.

When you take the road less traveled, you find yourself in some interesting places. Sometimes it’s crammed in the back of a van with 6 other guys lost on a highway. Sometimes it’s backstage at Madison Square Garden. When you’re almost famous you get the chance to share busted tour buses and the occasional first class flight. The road is where we spent our younger days; building sets, making 5am liquor runs, fighting off crowds of fans that weren’t ours, and so much more. The road gave us a life we’d never forget. We’re experienced. We’ve called London. We’ve shot sheriffs (but not deputies). We’ve climbed stairways to heaven and fallen in to downward spirals. We’ve fought for our right to party. We’ve lost ourselves. We’ve sat on the dock of the bay. We’ve imagined. We’ve given the drummer some. We were born in the USA.

Being born in the USA means we side with the underdogs, the revolutionaries, the people that never settled for what they were given. We live for fast cars, aged whiskey, and loud guitars. We also live to create. To create something better. And that’s why we’re here. We weren’t satisfied with what we were given in the way of e-liquids. We would not accept the same tobacco companies, that fed us lies for decades, continuing to dictate what we should accept as ‘flavor’. We would not accept inhaling of unknown chemicals, made by untrained people in unclean places. We make our own taste. We choose our own ingredients. We age our recipes until we say they’re ready. We make our own way. We make our own life. We make Motley Brew.

So come vape with us. We’ll be here. We’ve always been here. And this is what we do.


While we pride ourselves on taking charge and creating the e-liquids we feel are worthy of sharing with our vape family, we take safety very serious. While others may look the other way when it comes to proper manufacturing standards and independent lab testing, here at Motley Brew we’re all about doing things right! Motley Brew e-liquids are made right here in America in an FDA registered lab. We meet and exceed every industry lab test and certification. Go ahead and see for yourself.


E-juice for those who don’t follow the herd… because blazing a trail for the best experiences is worth the effort! Whether we’re talking about how we live our lives or how we vape, it’s basically the same premise. Creativity, exceptional quality, and an innovative spirit will take you far in this world, and can help you craft some damn good e-liquids!

The market has gotten quite flooded with subpar e-liquids, with all varieties of low-end products seeping out of the woodwork. As vapers ourselves who demand the best, we know firsthand where things are lacking. Juice is simply not just juice; and we are certain it is possible to create something truly extraordinary that can be vaped for the most sensational experience. We insist on artisan quality, the purest ingredients, and liquids that carry the intense flavors that can’t be found anywhere else.

This company and these liquids were made to perform and to give you the high standards you deserve.

   You can find it MotleyBrew.com   

   And lookie, lookie what I picked up today...I picked up the entire line for a really good price...

I just started on the Almost Famous and so far it's pretty damn good...Now I need to see if my favorite band KISS is making some E-juice....

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sounds cool but now that i'm working part time at a convenience store i can say i hate cigarettes and e-vap stuff more now then ever. when you have a wall of them and someone asks for a rare one it sucks. not as much as the lottery machines but pretty damn close.

I need this and a Nice Strong Drink! Kare to Join me Komrad?


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