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Tell me something. With all the YouTube videos online about the new fad The Sling bow. Have you ever said to yourself that you would like one but find yourself short on time to even make one? If you are as busy in day to day life as I am. Then I am assuming the answer is yes. Well Marksman has eliminated the "whole time to make one" thing out of the equation. How you ask? With their commercially produced version of the Sling bow. Here it is.

It comes with everything you see here.

In its current configuration it is able to be used as a Sling bow. With the simple twist of a small wing lug. It quickly goes from a sling bow to a sling shot in seconds. The band pull is about a 40 pound draw weight which means it meets the state required minimum in some states as a primitive weapon like a bow or crossbow (please check state and local laws first before use). Here are some more images of this cool new toy.

This fun little survival item is now available all over for sale across the United States. And the best price I have seen on them thus far is at Walmart for roughly $25.00 plus tax.

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And you gonna sell them for $20 right??  (LOL)  Have one waiting for me...I would rather order my stuff from you bro, then just some commercial store that is trying to profit off peoples fears...

   Anyways, I wouldn't mind having one of these...Would fit really nice in a bag....

Gonna check with my supplier tomorrow. ;-)
This looks easy enough for me to use. Yay!
I been playing with mine and it's awesome to use. And easy. But like most projectile weapons. Practice is the key.

So when are you gonna sell them??  (LOL)

LOL. My supplier is working on getting them in now. As soon as he does. I will know more on pricing and such. LOL. They will be available at the Alamo soon. ;-)

Have you shot anything with it yet?

I have been using mine on a 3D deer target that is the size and weight of a real deer. So far I have managed to penetrate about 12 inches into the target with broad heads. At that depth into the target. It would be more then a fatal at 60 and 80 feet. In about a week. I will be taking it to a bow range to do more testing there. That way i can test at like 50 and 75 yards which is the distance used for bows and crossbows. If it should perform as well as a bow. Then I think it will be a great survival tool indeed. I know as a sling shot its great for small game like rabbit and squirrel. So if this will take down deer sized game. It will be more then an awesome add on to any bug out bag.

Went to our Local Wal-Mart and went to the sporting goods section and looked for about an hour trying to find the Marksman Sling bow...Either they haven't gotten any in yet, or they ain't selling them around here...I haven't went to the one in Paris, TN yet, but I'll probably go check it out...Would rather purchase the thing from Alamo Guns along with arrows, but since Alamo Guns is taking it's sweet time getting them, (ROFLMAO), guess I'll just keep lookin somewhere else for right now...(ROFLMAO)  :P

Just busting your chops bro...(LOL)  Just let me know when you get some in...

Lol. Will do. My supplier is going to let me in on everything tomorrow. lol


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