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I usually don't post like this but in this case I thought I would make an exception. The discussion started one place and then ended another but it was all very interesting and valid points of view and I wanted to share them all.

I have an interesting, if not gruesome discussion for you today. I know that some who have witnessed combat or otherwise have been exposed to the sight of mutilated human flesh may not react to the sight as much as others but we all have to get use to the site of it on a daily bases. Not only that but we have to be able to ignore it. Realistically and all ego aside, do you think you could do that on a moments notice? Would it be that easy for you? If the answer is yes then that's good. If not then how would you ready yourself to see such things and not really register them?

Do you think it will be any different when the mutilated flesh is attacking you?

A friend responded,"No I think it will be easier cos your mind will be on self preservation rather than rubber necking to see wounds
I do think it will be seeing mutilated children or even babies will screw even the toughest of us
But we all have mental switches ,it's just a case of turning them on and of to cope with what life throws at you , I had to assist when my mother was dying of cancer ,I gave her the final dose of morphine , so let's say I know where my switches are and how to use them

I responded," those are very good points but wont it depend on the person? And what would you do if someone you knew didn't react so well? They could stop you from getting out so easily or even get you killed. What if its someone you love? They arn't dead but they are freaking?"

He said this back, "Caveman time come Zday the weak of body or mind will not last no matter what you do physical and mental toughness is something that is either there or not it cannot be taught from others it is dependant on an individual's will to live and to do what needs to be done. Even a moments hesitation means the difference between life and death , you cannot think you must purely do what needs to be done no matter the bad taste it can leave in your mouth.

This is when we got in the descussion of humanity... and it got really interesting. I said...

Some would argue that if we lose our humanity on the process of trying to stay alive then that would make us like them. If we do not protect those weak who cannot protect themselves then don't we in some way ( no matter how small ) become the unfeeling monsters that we are trying to kill?

Friend - Yes , welcome to the reality of it if we are to win allot of our basic humanity we spent 2000 years building will and must disappear for us to win they don't care they don't stop they don't sleep they do not feel And if we get caught up in feelings and emotions we will all die It's an unpopular point of view but the only one with the skills to survive in WD is Shane And that's what it will be , not living ,just survival
There wil be people who it will be an advantage to save and protect but the idea of protecting the weak for the hell of it is not a good idea at all

Me - Well if that was true then all the others would be dead though... many of the others are alive and have survived by themselves for a time. Besides that seams so easy to say rather then do sweetie... What if the weak you speak of is your own child? 1 years old and not much use to anyone in the situation but they are your child. Its different then. But if you look at it that way then what makes your child's life worth more then someones mother or father or brother... Its not that... I wouldn't put it in the way of we would lose or even have to lose our humanity but we would have to make some harder choices. Some being sacrificing some for others but if we sacrifice our humanity in the end then we might as well die along with them.... Because say you make it threw and the zombies are gone. Do you really think you could just pick up, flip the lights back on and go back to business as usual. Would you even be human anymore or able to recognize others as human? I see your point sweetie but I think to really make it threw we have to find a way to protect our humanity along the way some how. We wouldnt be able to all the time but when we can we should try.

Rob Chimmed in - we must realize that our human emotions are just that, emotions, meant for us to control and not the other way around. I'm commonly referred to as a cold bastard for my views on this subject, but humanity must learn to control and even turn off our emotions, even if it means losing some of our humanity. If it makes us metaphorical monsters, so be it, better than flesh eating monsters.

Then one of our writers Jesse added - For someone who has shot and killed someone, I can tell you you have no idea what you are capable of in times of diress and great stress. especially when it comes down to you or them, they no longed are your loved ones, they are a threat to your breathing and remaining among the living. So when faced with the circumstances, you will do what you have to do to survive.

Friend - That's what I'm saying about caveman logic they still loved and cared for eachother but it was a more basic form of it without the web of crap we now weave around it , I myself would walk into a horde with a suicide jacket if it got my wife and kids another day of life. Most of these decisions will be instinct rather than pre thought out sacrifices. And after it's done it will take generations to rebuild ourselves into decent human beings again ,and that's why I'd do anything that needed doing cus I have faith that humanity would one day find a way back , it will take a long time but we would get it back.

Me - Im not arguing that we dont do what we have to when we have to but if we lose our humanity then I believe Kashwek said it best... We would just be surviving and not living... Arn't you asking yourself if you surivive will you truly come out the other end alive? Or will you just simply be there? And if that is the case then is it even worth it at all?

Jesse - wouldn't you rather be there with us to debate this rather than being undead, or worse, a headshot victim? personally id rather find myself without a shred of humanity on the other side than be dead and not able to have the luxury.

Rob - we must have the control over our emotions to be able to dehumanitize ourselves while also retaining our humanity, some wont be able too, but those who can will inherite the earth.

Friend - I think we're gonna become like hunted animals ,twitchy paranoid and emotionally detached from it all ,and there is no point that any of it's gonna be nice ,pleasant or fun ,not one damn day it's gonna be pain and suffering till the day we win and to think otherwise is foolish.

Jesse - I disagree, I think its going to be different in every city and town, in every state and country, and on islands it is more likely to be utopia and paradise.

Me - there are things worse then death sweetie... Much worse then death... Having to live with the death of my child... Seeing his cold dead body or not seeing him at all... or having to kill them or anything ling like that... every second of every day... there are things much worse then death... so the answer to that question is no sweetie... if it came to some things i wouldnt want to be there debating you because i wouldnt be... I have said this before ( regardless of how weak this makes me look to some, it is the truth ) If my son was gone then I'm gone to...

Jesse - I think even in compounds around the country there will be some semblance of peace.

Friend - I live in a city of 10 million I'm not expecting allot of paradise.

Rob - yes, once the safe havens are established, we can rebuild our humanity, once we have some semblance of comfort, but to get there, we are gonna havta tap into some of our more primal instincts and dehumanitize ourselves, like charlott said, the death of a loved one is the worse situation, but if we can use it to galvanize our emotions, then atleast there death meant something, as opposed to another statistic.

Me - Thats exactly what I am saying Rob Barnes... Not arguing that we wouldn't make some hard decisions and not even that i would have to and could do some pretty awful things. i have made those decisions before but there are some things you shouldn't do... some parts that you shouldn't live without... Couldn't really... and still be alive. Humanity isn't something that you can just flick a switch and get back and for some they just can't once they have lost it... look at our prisons for that example... Its something to be toiled over when thinking of doing things... Its something you shouldn't give up lightly. Not even a lil piece of it. As little as you have to and only when you have to.

Rob - definatly, it will take time and effort ot regain our humanity, but when the shit hits the fan, "humanity" will be a weakness, one that will be exploited by the adversity we face, thats why we need to start desensitizing ourselves now, so its not such a shock then, worry about rebuilding later. or mabye learning to control our emotions and humanity is the next evolution OF said humanity? Your cruising down the highway doin round 60 and a dog runs right in frount of you, what do you do?

Me - your question will show what I mean. I would stop if I had the time and if I was reasonably sure that I could do so with out serious injury to me or anyone else. If I wasn't sure then I would run over the dog. However Replace child with dog and put no one in the car other then me and my answer changes drastically... I would stop, run into a ditch or do whatever I had to to not hit that child. Its the little details of the situations that will matter. Its a thin line... In the ZA that's going to be one we are going to have to try extra hard not to find ourselves not to fare past the other side of.

This was a smaller conversation me and Rob had but I thought it was good so thought I would throw it in there to.

I have had the unique experience of experiencing that threw my own body. A lot of it anyways. Was even the only person I knew growing up who got to touch my own skull, but sometimes I wonder if its gonna be different when the mutilated flesh wont be mine but rather someone I love. At least if its you then you have the pain to distract you... But you gotta think that the other way will bring some raw emotions to the surface.

My friend Rob in our group said," After being exposed to it you tend to become desensitized to it. " I asked him," but what about the ones who have never been exposed before? How would you help them to get ready?" He gave a good response.

start desensitizing yourselves now, slowly expose yourselves to more and more gruesome stuff, stop on the side of the road and poke the animal carcass with a stick, the movies i mentioned earlier are pretty gruesome, real filmed deaths from around the world, from a man who sticks a gun in his mouth and the blood flows like a waterhose, to people ran over by trains, many movies, many deaths.

So what do you guys think of any of it? What would you, could you do?

Supernatural - O Death

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can you explain that a lil more babe... Not sure what you mean...

It will never end and go back to normal ,if Zday did happen life as we know it would be over , and by the time the fight is done we would be reduced to a caveman type existence so in that way it would be more of a new dawn that a return to normality , at least that's what I got from it :) 

humanity is far more resilient then we think.
we have put ourselves through horrors upon horrors.
we have reduced each other to animalistic definitions
we have made our children believe that those that are deferent deserve to be slaughtered.
yet the human mind as always bounced back.
our human soul as always remained intacted.

history as showed that we will survive, and we will do so under any conditions that is thrown at us.

Very good point... But it may be hard ... still think while it is gonna be hard we need to preserve some of our humanity while its going on!

It'd never be the same, but mankind would continue to strive just as we have always done


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