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Everyone says that zombies are basically mindless ghouls that have the soul need to feed. I was recently watching the George A Romero film "Land of the Dead", and was shocked to see that his undead had the ability to plan and think ahead.  Do you think after time the undead will begin to plan ahead so they can feed?

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i feel that like all animals, even a zombie can eventually learn a trick or two. i feel they do take the knowledge of their former lives and use it to hunt us. that is why they (in my opinion) stay mostly congregated to the cities and towns. and it is in this knowledge that i do feel they can and inevitably do learn. another good point of order to make is in the movie Day of the Dead. when Rickles and the others had to bring another zombie out of the coral. they came out sure enough. but in a very reluctant pace. very slow and very cautious. reason being that in my opinion, they were learning that when we appeared at the gates. more and more of their kind disappeared and didnt come back. it didnt stop them from going to the coral gate. but they were learning to fear it none the less. so in the end. i do feel they will develop a learning curve and we as a whole will need to adapt as well to survive.
I don't feel that adaptation is possible because their brains are supposedly dead, aren't they? Cells don't regenerate once you're an adult. This is talking real life though. Movies can have a level of creative license while still sticking to the main point.
but after a while  they wouldn't have a food source, and they would starve to death.  You don't think they would develope new strategies to get food?
either that or develop a taste for a new food source. that Patrick O'Flinn in the movie Survival of the Dead was trying to get them to do that. in the end. it happened. he was just to dead to see it form to fruition is all.

Not so sure. Anyway I guess I won't know until it happens anyhow

I don't think so. I like mindless eating killers


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