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January 6th, 2020 - For the past 18 days I have searched and searched for Adam.  It wasn't until today that I found his journal lying near a tree with ripped piece of shirt with blood stains.  It was the just before Christmas day when I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and lost consciousness.  After I had awoken Adam was gone...there were several different tracks that were not mine or his, and drag marks as if he was pulled away from the encampment.  I've tracked their progression so far to this point about 50 miles to the east.  So far I've distinguished about 5 different sets of tracks, 1 of the tracks seems to be dragging on it's left, I hope that they haven't hurt Adam, I miss his quirkiness and attempts to know more about me.  I've been lucky that there hasn't been any rain to drown out my search, it is getting much colder though.  The temperature has gotten probably around 30-35 degrees.  I am going to find you Adam, I promise.  I know I wasn't able to get you a Christmas gift, but hopefully when I find you, you will read this information and accept it as a gift.  I will tell you about myself here.
Abigale was a wonderful sister to me, she would always look after and protect me.  She was to be married in the summer of 2018 but things didn't work out.  Abigale said that our parents had arranged for her fiancee to be marry her.  She said it was to prepare her and the family for an upcoming event. My parents were not really the family type, they were always at work.  They were specialist that worked at a facility which handled rare & dangerous viruses and diseases.  I remember them telling me that if I didn't clean my room they would inject me with the bubonic plague.  A week before the outbreak, mom and dad went missings.  Supposedly they were on a business trip, but unreachable even to their own children.  As for me, I've always been the out doors type.  Loved learning about nature and how to survive in it.  I even have a few medals from archery competitions, but I didn't compete to win, I competed to prove I was better than everyone else....
Adam, I did read your previous post, you don't have to get me anything for a Christmas present, I just want you back in one piece and not dead or worse.  If they did anything to you I will kill them.  I will make further notations in this journal as I continue my journey to find you.  I..I miss you. Please be safe.

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