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Thats right aldies and gents. ITS HERE! The long awaited release for EATERS in the USA is here. You can be one of the first to own this film by going to www.lovefilm.com and reserve a copy tonight. The release date is June 13, 2011.

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i admit it could use a few tweaks here and there. what it is for me is i guess being American zombie films have less restrictive guidelines then other countries. i guess there will always be that one little thing lacking in some way or another for us hard core zombie fans. at least that is what i find when it comes to the foreign made films. like with me and the Japanese stuff. i tend to find them lacking in the realism department to me when it comes to the scripting. sometimes the special effects and the makeup. its one of those things that falls into the category of to each his own thing. that is why i like to hear the feed back on some of the new and older zombie flicks. gives me an idea of how i might feel about a film. and its only the zombie fans i give this kind of credit to rather then film critics because a critic is payed to do a good or bad review. not the audience member though. they give it like they see it. honest and straight forward. sometimes even brutal.

i agree i never trust critic reviews, though i never really have a problem with foreign films. i like them just as much as American films and sometimes more. with eaters its suppose to be a serious zombie movie but i didn't get any sense of urgency from the actors. whether it was racing back to save his undead girl friend from being rapped or being thrown to the zombies by those Nazi. it never felt like they were in danger they were just taking their time strolling through it. it made me very disconnected from the action i wasn't drawn in like i should have been with a movie like this. i don't know maybe it was just me.

it ain't that i dont like a foreign film. i just feel that some of them are hindered badly by either a bad script, bad actor/actress, country regulations on the film industry there, or all of the above. now there are some foreign films that totally rock as zombie films go. but i must admit one thing when it came to EATERS. i watched it with a preconceived opinion because of the trailers i watched. so i may not have had such a bias opinion to it. if i were to watch it again though. it may just very a bit more.

i find it's always good to re-watch films. like re reading a book you tend to get a different perspective from it because your different. i take something new away every time i watch the original night of the living dead and i am never disappointed. just like when i reread my favorite Neil Gaiman book Neverwhere.

i hear ya. i always re-read the following to enhance my survival skills.

The Zombie Combat Manual

The Zombie Survival Guide

i always said that if you marry these two together. then you have a real kick ass bit of zombie survival know how. where one covered basic survival common sense. the other covered combat tactics. and as i  re-read each one. something new always comes to light every time.

that is the way, and i do love both those books. i also picked up a book called the illustrated doom survival book. while not zombies themed i found it was a good survival book with lots of nice information. ZSG and ZCM are great books but zombies will be the least of your worry's while you stare to death or die of dysentery from drinking dirty water.

very true. that is why i keep a few military manuals around that give tips like that around. the know how in those are so helpful on making improvise water distilleries, camp protection tricks, enemy evasion and so on. i even have a few that give improvised booby traps. if the dead ever rise. it will be more then zombies we will face.

yes i think i have ebooks of just about every survival manual there is military or other wise last time i checked it was around 60 gigabytes worth and claiming. and thats not even counting the over thousand printed page compilation i have tucked away. (remember those bomb plans i said i got caught with in high school. well i expanded on it when they wouldn't return the originals and now i think it's the most complete reference material ever. from explosives to poisons and even counter surveillance. i call it the revolutionary notebook Vr 2.0. i even have a guide political rebellion written by the CIA for a certain third world country. and my own work on the subject of shall we say advanced integration compiled from various covert sources into a step by step guide even an idiot could follow.   

why not publish Revolutionary Notebook Version 2.0? it could sell millions like The Anarchist's Cookbook and The Black Book Volumes 1 & 2 and you could be a very rich man.

i don't need that kinda haste also all it is copy and pastes of other peoples work including those two books.

if you give credit to the authors as sources. then it would be legal. its done all the time. and the proceeds could go to making a epic local store for Re-Dead the Undead.

hell i don't even know where i got any of the stuff in it it was so long ago and i just tipped bomb into goggle and copied everything that looked cool. its not organized its just of random crap. and then I'd have to self publish no no I'm good redead the undead will talk off in its own time and then i can move to my own store.


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