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Hello my dark friends!

My name is Thom Olausson, and I am a horror poet & writer from Sweden. I don't know if any of you have read my work, so I'll post two horror poems for you to read here. First of all: Do you like reading horror poetry? Not poems about love and puppies, but sinister poems that takes your mind into the dark corners of imagination? My personal favorite horror poem is Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor. Iron Maiden did an excellent song with the same name based on that poem, and it is that song that got me hooked on the genre. Which is YOUR favorite?
Here are two horror poems written by me, they are both taken from my new book POETRY FROM HELL'S ASYLUM (published through Panic Press Books and full of morbid illustrations in the same style as the covers of Cannibal Corpse's albums, Morbid Mike is the name of the artist):

Thom Olausson © all rights reserved

The rugged surface on a withered gravestone
A moss-covered mausoleum lay silent
Darkness as black as the Devil’s backbone

An ancient dead oak standing eerie and tall
Its skeletal remains beneath the starlit sky
Looks like a corpse’s hand curled into a ball

A rusty iron fence blackened by time and age
In silence it guards the dead in this place
The Grim Reaper nods and turns another page

In this cemetery silent tombs echoes with Time
Dust covered corpses sleeping within
About to become victims of a most heinous crime

A hooded figure from Necronomicon aloud reads
The air is vibrant with demonic beings
The dark Sumerian Gods the hooded man pleads

His ancient words seeps into the sacred ground
They enter the moist and dark crypts
The dead stirs as they hear the demonic sound

Called back they rise from their graves as one
A sinister exodus of decayed corpses
Only the moon is a witness to what has been done

The Apocalypse of the living dead has now started
People sleep in their beds oblivious to it
Come daylight most will be among the souls departed…

***and this horror poem:

Thom Olausson © all rights reserved

A city of rot glimmers in the moonlight
Zombies roam the dead streets
Car wrecks and skeletons litter them
Cracked sidewalks are jammed with decay

Smashed windows baring their jagged teeth
Crooked road signs draped with rust
A vile and sinister feeling lingers in the air
A city of Death this place has become

Dilapidated are the glass and steel towers
Yet vibrant souls resonates in the dark
The undead moan and groan in the night
Their cold brains alive with eternal hunger

Flesh is what they crave and desperately need
Only warm blood shall sooth their pain
From Hell they have risen as One
Their dead mouths will tear the tender flesh

And across the ocean floor they stumble
Towards land wherever that may be
Out from sunken ships they crawl
All bloated, wrinkly, and covered with seaweed

Everywhere in this world of Rot the dead walks
We cannot even begin to fathom the horror
Yet this world of the dead is ours to come
These words are only a tiny glimpse of our future…

***There! I hope you liked reading these poems.
If you like my work, then please consider voting for me in the Annual P&E Readers Poll where I have been nominated in the categories:

POET - For my abilities as horror poet
HORROR SHORT STORY - My short horror story The 13th Step

Vote here (scroll down to the middle of the page to vote:


LAST DAY TO VOTE IS 12th January (that is cutting it a bit short, sorry)

Now, these two poems above, taken from my book, will only be featured here at Wicked Zombies. My gift to you, and I do hope like it!

You can get my book here:

and visit my page here:

And see my horror videos here (might be interesting, they are short videos I have made myself where I read my horror poems):


And please send me a friend request on Facebook if you like.

So, let me know if you like my horror poetry, and I would also like to hear who's your favorite horror poet. I'd even like to hear if you hate horror poetry! And please consider voting for me in the P&E Readers Poll as well.
As for zombie movies, I simply LOVE that genre! I love playing the zombie-games as well, like Resident Evil and Dead Rising for instance. I even wrote a story in honor of the genre, it is called "...THE END" and was recently voted 2nd prize winner by the readers in the FIELDS OF ROT COMPETITION. To get that kind of acknowledge from the Readers is the greatest honor a writer can get in my opinion!

Yours Darkly
Thom Olausson

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I am honored! I have a new zombie-poem I have written called BLACK CURSE, should I add it here tomorrow?
YOU are the best! Hugs from Sweden!
cool stuff...question if we may, can we post poems in this thread?
That'd be awesome! I would LOVE to read other people's horror poetry... And I am glad you liked my work Redrum =)

So, here is my latest horror poem. I wrote it in the middle of the night when my sciatica was torturing me:


Black Curse

By Thom Olausson © all rights reserved 2011


I curse this corpse that lay here in its grave

A puppet of rotten flesh and infested with worms it’ll be

It shall do my bidding, my servant, my obedient slave


I will speak to it through an ancient incantation

Eternal Hunger and Hate I will fuse into its cold brain

To it I will sing Dark Hymns of insanity and damnation


I will awake it from its deep and restless sleep

It shall obey my every sinister command; a Slave of the Flesh

This hellish creature will make even the angels weep


My enemies will be slaughtered by this wicked thing

It shall devour their hearts and annihilate their puny lives

Then their souls back to Hell it will bring


So I place my black curse upon this Child of Rot

So that it may stalk my foes and make them wish for death

He will become the kind of creature even God forgot…


*Remember, please consider voting for me if you like my horror poetry:


P&E Readers Poll 2011


You'll find me in the categories POEM (the horror poems Epitaph of Humanity and The Blood of Three) POET and HORROR SHORT STORY (the horror story The 13th Step)


Yours Darkly

/Thom Olausson



The LAST day to vote is on FRIDAY!


PLEASE consider voting for my work if you enjoy it!


I am nominated in:

POET - For my abilities as a horror poet


HORROR SHORT STORY - My horror story THE 13th STEP, published by HOUSE OF HORROR


To vote, just scroll down to the middle of the page, choose category, and VOTE!

P&E will NOT use or spread your email! It to stop cheating they ask for your email,

when the reply comes to your inbox, then just click on the link to confirm your vote.


Link to vote is here:



Thom Olausson

horror poet&author

Top Ten Finisher P&E Readers Poll 2009


Thank you! I am honored! =))

Damn great stuff


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