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who among you experienced a real ghost?like my experience im with my friends playing joke about the ghost and my friend said if i see them i will fuck them and suddenly my coffee maker turn on and off 3x and when we check the plug it is not connected to the electricity and my friend was shout to loud and all our friend came and check us and we are very terrified, and in the next day i was very tired playing baskestball so i choosae to go to my apartment to relax so i can go schoolstrong but when im in my room i feel so cold but i did not mind that and then my friend came asking for a book when i said i dont have he go after he close the door i cannot move anymore like someone holding my body and i starting to getting hard for breathing and icannot shout like i can open my mouth but no sound coming out so i give my full strenght just to get side and fall to my bed and when i did that i ran outside and my friend told me are you ok your face was so white and so terrified what happen he said to me and i said to him be careful in my room men its hard to explain,,,and in the next day morning we need to go to school because we are late and i invite my friend to sleep in my room because im already afraid but when i told him to get up because weare late he just open eyes and no speak and movement so i pull him out to the bed and he said to me tnx men i already cannot breath and i said so you believe me now because you experience what happen to me and he never sleep in my room anymore even me i look another apartment just to move from my haunted apartment,,and when i ask my friend who visit there they said when they are drunk they pointed my room before and said this room have ghost and the door opened and close and they where terriofied...that the worst haunted days happened to me shit its real men...

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Sounds like fun. I used to check out all the haunted places in Weird NJ Magazine when I was younger and always had a blast being scared half to death.

Great story! I'm sure you loved the extra sibling protection.
nice to hear that we all have this ghost stories hope all will share thir stories,,,

Ive got a few...heres one:

one night I was sleeping and I woke up at around 3 a.m, when I opened my eyes (laying on my back) I could see a perfect image of the face of an older man with a beard and long gray hair and roughly halfway down his shoulders just hovering maybe a foot above me, I froze for a second, and just as I really registered what I was looking at, it sort of darted and vanished...this is from my old house in Oley, PA. Ive got a few more stories from that house alone...

i think this is a nice spot to documents all our experience and compile it,,,its really amazing to hear that most of us experience this kind of things..keep on sending guyz
same house as prior story (this place was freakin haunted), one night I was laying in bed...my room was in the basement, which was unfished, so the ceiling was cross beams and plywood, then my wall, so basically there was space between my wall and the ceiling, anyway, we had been doing some work, so outside my room there was a drop light (light bulb on the end of an extension cord), so Im laying in bed and I hear it click on and I could see the light shining through the top of the wall, then it clicked off...it was about 1 or 2 in the morning, and there was nobody up and the basement/my room was pitch black...

I have a very lame but true ghost story. Me & my friend got kicked out of a party. We went to a cemetery & drank some beer. We were sitting on his trunk drinking & I heard an OOOOOOOOOO.so of course. I'm looking at the direction.  My friend said fuck that I heard something.  I said yes me 2. I said fuck it lets share our beer with them.


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