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Zombies are said to lack any intelligence, and operate solely on the urge to feed.  My question is, if this urge to feed is so strong, wouldn't the urge to sleep, or reproduce be just as strong.  All three of these base cravings are possibly the strongest urges a human can feel.  What are the limits to a zombies cravings, and can these be capitalized to benefit humans?

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the need for food is the most primitive of urges. its the very thing that secures survival. procreation is only a secondary and being a zombies brain doe not function as highly as ours does. i dont think sleep would be a real issue. i do feel however that the constant movement helps as far as their bodies breaking though.
Sleeping is a huge issue lol no creature in the world survives without sleep

but 90% of the brain is dead on a zombie anyway. so how can no sleep kill them?


i agree here, but it also brings to my mind that so many "zombie rules" are loosely based off of hollywood movies and since i think we here would all agree that George A. Romero pretty much wrote those laws that hollywood uses time and time again. the basic "need to feed" just isn't a primiative urge deeply locked away in the dark corners of our minds, i think Romero threw this in as a twisted outlook on how humans as whole are greedy.



I could be wrong but i have noticed that in all his "of" films greed seems to be the one thing that leads to the groups down fall for instance the greedy biker gang that crashes into the mall, and the greedy zombie slayer who wants a better life then returns to settle the score with dennis hopkins.

isnt it true sharks dont sleep though?
true sharks can't sleep they'll sink and die if they stop moving
plus the need to feed on flesh maybe some fairy tale version of what will happen, I mean the thought of raveous undead carnivores devouring humans whole is sick and makes for a wonderful story, but the more realistic scenario would be the fact that the disease or whatever is infecting and controlling the creatures, whether dead or alive would need to spread, so the fastest way to spread would be to bite a victim, allowing the parasite to attach itself to a new host...the ripping out intestines and brains and munching away in a bloody smorgasborg is a whole hell of alot cooler though...
i do think the need to spread the virus will be the primary goal but the gut munching will be a side effect of things.
I believe devouring human flesh for food is the only reason for attacks. The bitten or deceased becoming undead is a causality. Zombies want to feast and eat on the victims not bite and release.
Well, Zombies reproduce by feeding.
And as the old saying goes.... "I'll sleep when I'm (un)dead."
well, what Im saying is, the need to feed I dont believe will be because of a concious need for sustanence, they definitely wont feel "hunger" the way we do, they wont "need" to eat, any more than theyll need to sleep, or use the bathroom, or put on extra clothes when theyre cold...the need to eat will be driven by the disease needing to spread, needing to attach to a new host...

Great question. Made me think of stupid shit, but I wonder if the different races taste different.  Like some zombies like white meat some like dark meat a nd some like asian brains. Sorry just sober thinking


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