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Ninja's are awesome! these masters of stealth would surely sneak their way through any apocalypse zombie or not. but lets face it their are very few ninja's left and the road to becoming one is too long and hard for most of us to walk. but you can take lesson from the ninja playbook and add fill your bug out bags with a few bags of caltrops. for those of you haven't seen a decent samurai movie, shame on you! no really shame, but I'll explain anyway. caltrops are little triangle pieces of metal that no mater how they fall always land with a razor sharp point sticking up. they were designed to pierce feet slowing any followers or used to set up traps. they have also been adapted in the modern day to blow out tires in car chases. yes those things 007 dumps out of his trunk to keep the bad guys from chasing him have a name. and their called CALTRRPS! now while i can't guarantee they will blow out a speeding cars tiers come on, look at them!

Black Hornet Caltrop Tashibishi 10 Pack

These wonderful little bits of ninja genius have thousands of uses in the zombie apocalypse. prevent those raiders you just ran into from chasing you down and wearing your skin a Halloween costume. set up around your prison to catch would be intruders. shoot out of a sling shoot for a wicked weapon. block vans full of zombies from crashing through the front gate of your prison. line the tops of walls or fences to keep people from climbing over. tie several to a piece of para-cord for a nasty melee whip. keep animals away from your camp garden or anywhere else you dont want their furry little buts. and much much more. so if you want to get your ninja on, head over to BUDK where you can a ten pack for only 3.99 and pick up a couple dozen or so.

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These are quite handy against the living. But against a zombie I see no real use for. Plus I wouldn't want to use them while being chased because I doubt I would be able to go back for them. They are better made as needed so they are not a financial loss. They are easy to make.

true but early on i would like to have some ready made ones and then make new ones as i need them in the apocalypse. at 4 dollars for a pack of ten I'm happy with a minimal investment to start me off. and your right against zombies useless I've made no attempt to hide that fact. but zombies are not the only danger out there. their not even the worst. after the initial collapse humans are gonna be a much bigger threat then zombies. if you survive the first waves get use to the situation and set refine your way of living for a zombie world then its the breathers you gotta worry more about. a corpse, it only attacks you one way, head on. it can't decoy you, it can't attack you from a distance lay a trap for you. it may be able to sneak up on you, but not because it's trying too. if a zombie gets the drop on you it's either an act of god like those raining zombies, or you weren't paying enough attentions.

True. But when it comes to humans. I tend to like spike traps better. Caltrops just don't weaken enough for me. Plus they can be useless against a good hiking boot. But a thick sole is not much against a good spike. Now if they are wearing any kind of army boot. Those tend to have a piece of steel that runs from the heel to almost half way under the foot. The Vietnam Jungle Boot is a good example of this as a result rendering a caltrop practically useless unless it hits just in front of the plate around the toe area.

spike traps are better but they take time to set up. with caltrops you can just throw them as you run. i probably won't run from a single person unless I'm out gunned. so if its a group chances are at least one of them will be wearing sneakers or something like that. and even if they dont pierce all the way through they will get stuck in the boot of the shoes and probably slow them down. can you imagine trying to run with one of those stuck to the bottom of your shoe? that could give you the split second you need. remember in the z-poc thing will come down to seconds minuets.

i dont know about that as far as trying to run with a caltrop in the boot. reason i say that is because when i was working a plastics plant. i used to wear heavy work boots. and one morning when i got off work. as i walked i kept hearing this annoying clicking sound every time my boot hit the floor of the store. i stopped and sat down in the shoe department and took off my boot. embedded in the sole of that boot was a 4 inch plastic spike that came off of one of the parts i had to work with (the waste part). and a caltrop is nowhere near as long as that. and it did not stop or hinder my walking or running at all. so the only real hope is that one of the pursuers is wearing a pair of sneakers. otherwise i dont see these as a problem against a good boot. but i do agree that if they do wear sneakers. they could buy you needed seconds or minutes. funny thing about those and boots. maybe if they are so busy running after you that they may not notice a few of those clicking as they run and attract a few zombies to them to the point that they will be to busy with all the stinkers they draw in to be bothered with you so you can get away. so they may serve a purpose after all. lol.  ;-)  worth a try at least being metal resonates when hitting concrete.

glad you came around rhino i think thats the first time i got you change your mind on anything.

i can admit when there is a good point. lol




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