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Hey All,

   I know we all have tons of different sites we visit to read either free books of even free comics...Thanks to our friends at Under the Flesh, which I am a fan of, I was also able to find a link that gives 100's of other free Webcomics...

   There are two I have been reading that have really caught my eye...

   The first one is Zombie Ranch, http://www.zombieranchcomic.com , The main character is a woman who runs a ranch...The livestock, well deadstock that they round up and gather are actual zombies...You'll have to read the comic in order to find out why in the hell someone would be round up zombies...Take a look...

   The second one I am reading is called, Dead Winter, http://deadwinter.cc/ , it's a totally different style in comic art...But so far, I'm still reading it, it's pretty good...A lot of little side stories...Kind of reminds me of a George A. Romero Living Dead storyline...

I'm also looking into a couple of other zombie comics, but right now I'm working on the top two...And the link I am including at the bottom is the link to many online webcomics in which comes such a array of many comic reader's worlds, that you are bound to find one you will want to keep up with or even use as a distraction as we wait for the next installment of Under the Flesh...

Here you go, take a look and have a blast...And thanks to UTF staff, because I sure in the hell wouldn't have found the site if it wasn't for them...Give the site a look...There's tons of comics here and here is the site...


Have fun and enjoy....

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I have some comics to read FUN FOR ALL!♥♡★

Sweet! I'll be checking these out! Thanks Jesse!

Thanks for posting the websites because I have been going crazy this summer with the lack of zombie movies and tv!

I haven't had the chance to do any zombie reading this summer but I will when the long cold winter is upon us. 

I got a bunch saved on my old tablet. Now gotta get them on my new one. Zombie novels that is. Lol
The zombie series fans have demanded comes to comics in this fully-authorized series from the original creators - director George A. Romero and co-writer John Russo - and the story everyone was dying to see: a prequel to the original film! Written by Russo and fully-approved by Romero, this is the horror series of the decade from the men who defined the genre! We heard the eyewitness accounts and were shocked by the television news reports, but now for the first time we will experience the horrifying events which led to that first Night of the Living Dead! A strange mist brings the unburied dead back to life, hungry for the flesh of the living! There is nowhere safe to run, and no one could possibly prepare for the onslaught of the ghouls, ungering for human flesh! This incredible prequel to the blockbuster classic Night of the Living Dead gives new insight into many of the film's characters and locations, including horrific encounters at the farm house and Beekman's diner and, introducing us for the first time to The Cemetery Zombie, Sheriff McClellan, and Night's original hero, Ben!

Here's a website in order to download the Night of the Living Dead The Beginning and a few others within this title series...


   I'll keep looking into trying to find more places to download free zombie comics and zombie books....Good Reading Everyone!!!!

thats really cool i always got mine from pirate bay, they always had the new walking dead comics the day they came out. you need a special comic reader to use them but its worth it once you get the hang. I'm going to check this out cause they dont usually have the obscure titles.

I am going to start this series this weekend.

I will checking out

Seriously I have some reading to do. 

Oh my, lots of reading for me, nice post. Thanks


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