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I go back and forth on this. Seems like your basic kicks would be sufficient(Tae Kwon Do, Karate, etc)   I obviously would advocate MMA for the all around training but what do you think?

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I'm not really into mma, and throwing down with the zeds is too close too comfort for me but, I'd go with the god-awesome-legendary roundhouse kick ala Mortal Kombat! FINISH HIM!!!!
Think about this: confined space, fellow survivors and zombies all in one place, opening fire not an option, don't wanna start slicing with blades so that gore and goo won't get infect anybody, gotta go hand to hand, what is the best option - kicks like you said, but what about BJJ? Having the knowledge to manipulate the human body without getting bit or scratched would be invaluable knowledge. Plus the mental and physical benefits would be tremendous.
shit! you have a point! LOL gonna have to start learnin some moves!
We obviously need a new zombie fighting style. Zombie Brock Lesnar would be a bad time for you.
Muay Thai, because I'd much rather be striking than grappling with the undead. You can forget about Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.
Muay Thai I agree
I wouldn't rule out grappling, with proper manipulation, like Scatoma said, a few simple grapples and bodyweight takedowns could save lives. Once an attacking zombie's on the ground he'll be a lot easier to eliminate than when he's standing with arms reached out.
i say use basic attack points like taught in the military. like for instance using the heal of your hand and stricking upwards on the nose. this simple yet useful attack will send bone fragments flying into the brain killing the zombie instantly. however if you want a good read on zombie combat tactics, i recomend this one.

this book gives lots of good tips and attack stratigies for taking on the undead. i learned a lot from it. it was this book that showed me that the MMA style of combat being proposed here is very dangerous and not a good idea. it even teaches a single woman what to do when confronted with a zombie and still protect her new born child. i feel that if you use this book in conjunction with The Zombie Survival Guide, then you are more then prepared for the undead.
There is only one style of fighting ideal for fighting zombies. You know what that is, ya'll? NONE! You do NOT, I repeat, NOT fight zombies with martial arts, unless you have either A, brass knuckles, which, need I remind you, are ILLEGAL, or B, the same fighting prowess as the Alice from the new Resident Evil movie! The risk of infection is too great, and to top it all off, you'll get tired way too quickly! Wanna fight the zombies up close? Use a shotgun or a melee
the book i recomended above gives great combat stratagies against the undead. both with a melee weapon and if need be as a last resort hand to hand. and when it comes to the legal issue of the brass knuckles goes. you CAN own them but they must be used as a paper weight in the home or office. also one last note. during a zombie apocalypse, who is going to care about legal issues such as that? there will not be cops around checking bug out bags and pockets for things like brass knuckles or switchblades and things of that nature. they will be needed to do more pressing matters. so if you are fortunate enough to find a pair of brass knuckles while scavenging for supplies, grab it and thank god and good fortune for them. something beats nothing in the field. lol.
i think this move is demonstrated in the book i recomended above for hand to hand combat against a zombie. like i said before, this book is a good and educational read.

I would not fight the undead hand to hand.

The risk of transmission or being bit it too great.


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